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USACS's Corporate Compliance and Ethics Celebratory Week

Marci J. Moore ( is a Compliance Analyst at US Acute Care Solutions in Canton, OH.

What better way to educate employees and get your company involved in your compliance program than to celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week! Our Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week journey began in 2016, the first year we instituted a company-wide program.

US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) is an integrated acute care company that serves more than six million patients through emergency, hospitalist, and observation medicine. We embrace a series of principles called the “House Rules” that are the keys to our success: (1) Commitment to Shared Success; (2) Passion About the Company’s Mission; (3) Willingness to Embrace Change; (4) Data-Driven Decision-making; (5) Empowerment to Act; and (6) Accountability for Results. The USACS Compliance & Ethics department assists in this effort by guiding employees on doing the right thing the right way when the path is unclear.

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