IntegrityWorks: Tools and Skills to Build Integrity

How do you define integrity? What does it mean to have integrity at work and in our personal lives? And what can we do to act with more integrity when making decisions, gathering information, and having discussions? In IntegrityWorks: Tools and Skills to Build Integrity, author and former CEO and cofounder of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and Health Care Compliance Association Roy J. Snell describes four areas we can work on to act with more integrity:

  • Being honest with ourselves about our core beliefs
  • Recognizing cognitive biases and how they affect our decision-making abilities
  • Having respectful, civil debates and listening to all sides of an issue
  • Going through a critical-thinking process when solving problems and making important decisions

Through practical tips and helpful exercises, interviews with ethical leaders, and personal stories, Snell challenges readers to change their thinking and do the work it takes to build integrity in their personal and professional lives.

Table of Contents