The First Information Is Almost Always Wrong

150 Things To Know about Workplace Investigations

By Meric Craig Bloch

Effective workplace investigations are equal parts art and science. Meric Bloch has mastered both aspects through years of hard-earned experience. In this book, he details the strategies and tactics he knows work best. His practical guidance will help readers learn to plan and conduct thorough investigations and turn the results into valuable knowledge for their organizations. His insightful approach is mapped out in three sections:

  • Protect Your Career--How To Think Like A Workplace Investigator
  • Protect Your Company--How To Integrate Your Investigations Into Your Company's Operations
  • Protect Your Case--How To Conduct An Effective Workplace Investigation.

With this tutorial, readers will learn not only how to uncover the truth about misconduct or fraud, but also how to ensure that the results can help an organization resolve issues and move forward.

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Table of Contents