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Boost your compliance culture with Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week

Margaret C. Scavotto ( is President of Management Performance Associates in St. Louis, MO.

Set Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week aside to educate staff about your compliance program and celebrate your team’s efforts to promote compliance.

The goals of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week are to:

  • Promote the visibility of your compliance program,

  • Increase employees’ familiarity with the compliance officer and compliance committee,

  • Provide compliance education,

  • Inspire employees to recognize non-compliance and report it internally,

  • Show employees that your compliance program will help them do their jobs better,

  • Demonstrate that your organization’s leaders are serious about doing the right thing, and

  • Reinforce compliance principles and keep compliance top of mind.

Each of these achievements will improve staff comprehension of, and trust in, your program.

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