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Nancy J. Beckley ( is President of Nancy Beckley & Associates LLC, a rehab compliance consulting firm in Milwaukee, WI.

It all started when I learned to type on my mom’s vintage Royal typewriter. It got more exciting when I went to my dad’s office in high school to use his shiny new IBM Selectric with the Courier 12 type ball. Soon there were huge word processing machines, followed by the introductory computers — mine was an Apple IIc. I took typing between summers in high school, where I learned the basics: “All good men must come to the aid of their party.” I learned to use typewriter paper that could be easily erased, progressed to liquid white out, and then to white-out tape to make corrections. Nirvana: the IBM “Correcting” Selectric. Spellcheck was Webster’s Dictionary and Roget’s Thesaurus, the other must-have companion for typists.

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