Chapter 3: Running an Effective Compliance Program

Resource: Job Description, Vice President of Corporate Compliance

Vice President, Corporate Compliance

Reports to: CEO; Board of Directors

Minimum Education Level: Juris Doctor degree, master’s degree, or other post-graduate degree in a healthcare-related field or with appropriate experience

Performance Review: Annually

Roles and Responsibilities

The Vice President, Corporate Compliance (VPCC) will provide centralized oversight of the organization’s ethics and compliance efforts generally, including the administration, investigation and enforcement of the organization’s ethics and compliance plan and policies.

The VPCC will serve as a focal point for ethics and compliance program activities. Organization ethics and compliance efforts will be centralized in the office of the VPCC. The VPCC will play a crucial role in developing, implementing and maintaining an effective program. The VPCC will have direct access to all employees, including the governing board and executive management team.

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