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Silver linings

Kelly M. Willenberg ( is President and CEO of Kelly Willenberg LLC in Greenville, SC.

Finding positives during the negative situation over the past year has been difficult for some. We have found that we can have impactful virtual events even when we are not face-to-face. When Ryan Meade and I presented virtually during a general session at the Virtual Research Compliance Conference in June, we had a lively session. Colleagues across the country texted, emailed, and posted on social media that they attended the session. Our lives are so different now that people have normalized virtual meetings. Many of us have found ways to get reacquainted with colleagues through Zoom and other platforms. Some of us have found a way to use online tools that we never thought we would be able to use. Through our new way of communicating, we have discovered new ways to collaborate, even with masks on our faces. We have found that our relationships are based on mutual trust and respect even when we are not in the same room together.

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