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Research compliance reflections: Emerging from the pandemic

Emmelyn Kim ( is AVP, Research Compliance & Privacy Officer, and Hamangi Patel ( is Director, Research Compliance, at The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Northwell Health, Lake Success, NY.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a game changer not only for the healthcare field, but also for clinical research. This especially holds true for professionals working in research compliance. The surge and panic that accompanied the initial peak of the pandemic that emerged in New York has subsided; however, it still strangely feels like it was yesterday. As we emerge from the pandemic with greater availability of vaccines, we’ve taken the time to reflect on what we’ve learned. We also realize that certain practices will stay behind forever while others will continue into the new normal. This includes risks inherent in the new environment, but also opportunities for growth. This article highlights reflections from the perspective of research compliance professionals that include best practices and practical planning considerations for research organizations that are emerging from the pandemic.

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