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Compliance is cool. Let’s celebrate it!

J. Veronica Xu ( is the Chief Compliance Officer for Saber Healthcare Group, headquartered in Cleveland, OH.

All of us were kids at one point in time, and some of us even have our own now. I am sure a majority of people would agree that young children are curious about almost everything, and they tend to have endless questions, including the ones that we adults don’t even think should be questions in the first place. Recently, my 10-year-old son asked me, “Mommy, what exactly do you do? Is your job like being a police officer, writing people tickets to ensure they follow the laws?” “To a certain extent.” Unsure about the accuracy of my son’s analogy, I paused while I put on my thinking hat and organized my words: “Just like parenting, my job function is to enforce the rules and ensure our conduct is in line with laws and policies. For example, as a parent, we set boundaries, but if we don’t execute, monitor, and enforce the rules, then kids will figure out those rules mean nothing, and they may just tear the house apart.”

As I was thinking about how I can explain it to my son in a way that is understandable to a fourth grader, I was also reflecting upon my own compliance work. Do our employees understand the compliance expectations and importance of the compliance function? Do our compliance measures make sense to the employees? Is our compliance responsibility clear to our team members?

This article aims to assist our fellow compliance professionals with illustrating the values and importance of the compliance program and organizing events to raise employee awareness, promote ethical behavior, and enhance a culture of compliance, because your compliance efforts are worth celebrating.

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