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Reflections of a whistleblower and a way forward

Solange Martin ( is the founder of Fraud Prevention Solutions in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Whistleblowers expose illegal and unethical behavior within organizations by blowing the whistle on wrongdoing. In recent years, they have played important and well-publicized roles in revealing fraud and misdemeanors in large international companies. Not all whistleblowers reveal large-scale scandals, but all contribute to continuous improvement in any organization and should be praised for doing so. Despite this, most whistleblowers are ignored and not seen as relevant to business improvement.

Nobody would have heard my story if one of my fellow SCCE members had not pushed me to write about it. I know now that I should have shared my experience earlier and also, sadly, that I should have handled my situation differently. We all agree that we become wiser after the event.

First I will set the scene so you will understand the context of my work. I will then explain my findings and why I used a factual report to alert the chief executive officer of the parent company of the group I was working in. Finally, I will discuss the aftermath and what should have been done on the part of company.

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