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Preparing for US privacy laws on the horizon

Rob Shavell ( is CEO and Cofounder of DeleteMe in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

The privacy landscape for companies doing business in the US is rapidly changing. Alongside the California Privacy Rights Act[1] (CPRA), which stipulates tighter data protection for millions of California residents by 2023, state-level privacy legislation is becoming a defined trend. States such as Nevada,[2] Virginia,[3] and Maine[4] all recently passed comprehensive privacy laws. Other states, including Florida,[5] Oklahoma,[6] and Washington,[7] are due to follow suit over the next year. As legislation advances, compliance with privacy legislation now needs to become a major corporate concern for every business.

Big tech is also formulating its response to how the future of consumer privacy might look. Facebook and Apple, two of the largest companies trading today, have differing opinions[8] on how customers’ privacy should be treated. As a result of the increasingly divergent approaches to privacy in both the private sector and state-level legislation, a uniform privacy landscape now looks unlikely to happen any time soon.

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