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Leveraging branding concepts to drive an effective compliance program

Adam Balfour ( is a Vice President and General Counsel for Corporate Compliance and Latin America for Bridgestone Americas in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Even before the pandemic hit, compliance professionals faced a challenge of how to effectively connect with and engage employees on compliance. Employees nowadays are inundated with emails and other communications (according to a 2019 Harvard Business Review article,[1] the “average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email”), working longer days (one study indicated an increase of 8.2% since the pandemic began[2] ), and trying to balance the new normal of working during a pandemic (I suspect my kids will interrupt my makeshift workspace at least three times before you finish reading this article). Asking today’s average employee to sit through a mind-numbing training or read endless and lengthy compliance communications/policies is not going to deliver an effective compliance program. Rather than simply providing training and communications to today’s overworked and overstressed employees, we have to find ways in which we can cut through the other noise to ensure those trainings and communications are affecting behaviors and resulting in learning and engagement.

In this article, I will share some thoughts and ideas on how using branding concepts such as brand relevance and resonance can help to engage employees in a more meaningful and effective way.

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