Creating Great Compliance Training in a Digital World

How to Really Reach and Persuade Your Workforce

By Kirsten Liston


Here's the hard truth: Nobody cares about your compliance training. It may sound harsh, but don't let it stop you. As a compliance professional, it's your job to make employees care by creating compelling content. And with this book, you can.

Creating Great Compliance Training in a Digital World will help you to understand how to reach your workforce by "selling compliance" to them in an engaging way. In these pages, compliance meets content marketing, journalism, and advertising. You'll learn proven strategies and tactics, and use them to create training that grabs hold of your audience and doesn't let go.

To reach your goal, you'll learn to use the five key principles behind great compliance training:

  • Focus on what the law means, not what the law says
  • Think like a lawyer, talk like a human
  • Aim for persuasion, not just information
  • Master the nuts and bolts
  • Measure and manage your impact

Table of Contents