Resource Guide 2—Training across the Generations: Reaching Millennials

Lately, everywhere I look, there’s a webinar or conference session about “how to reach your millennial employees.”

As a millennial, my reaction to these is always bemusement. What do you mean, “reach” us? We’re not mythical sea creatures hiding in the depths—we’re right here! We’re the most open, connected generation in the workforce yet!

But it doesn’t always feel that way to compliance officers. At Rethink, I often hear similar questions from clients:

  • How can we make our content feel relevant to millennials without isolating older employees?

  • How do we navigate different expectations and comfort levels with technology?

  • And my favorite: Why won’t these millennials just get over themselves and read our inconceivably long, excruciatingly boring compliance content? (I’m paraphrasing here.)

Crossing the generational divide doesn’t have to be hard. At Rethink Compliance, we’ve found that you can “reach” millennials—without isolating the rest of your workforce—by addressing four areas of your compliance program:

  1. Tone

  2. Length

  3. Design

  4. Communication channels

We’ll explore each of these in depth. But before we dive in, let’s start with some basics.

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