Resource Guide 4—How Cisco Improved Its Training by Listening to Our Audience

“This is all great, but . . .”

The magic words that no compliance professional wants to hear at the end of a lengthy, thorough training. At best, this translates to “hmm, this was mildly useful but not what I was looking for.” At worst, it means “you just don’t understand the business, and this is not relevant to me.”

When creating our Conflict of Interest training, we started with the policy, worked in some well thought-out examples and sectioned it into headings we thought were most relevant. This approach had been working for years: 1) What is a conflict of interest, 2) Where to disclose, 3) What to disclose, and 4) some examples.

However, after years of helping people understand what their responsibility is to disclose, we were hit with the “this is all great, but . . .”

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