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Can non-law graduates qualify for compliance positions? Of course!

Vivian Zhou (, MBA, is Founder and CEO of GX International Compliance consulting company in Beijing, China.

I’ve received many questions lately from students who are about to graduate—and even those who are already engaged in other sectors—that sound like, “I’m not a law graduate, and I have no compliance-related working experience. Can I apply for compliance positions?”

Additionally, the COVID-19 outbreak has led to an increase in unemployment this year. And more and more people want to learn new knowledge in order to find new job opportunities. The pandemic has brought about a profound impact to graduates, the unemployed, and those who work in industries other than compliance.

As traditional occupations such as human resources, finance, information technology, and quality management become saturated, the compliance profession is favored as a new occupation. There’s a huge gap in the profession right now, and many companies are struggling to find the right compliance talent. Compliance as a niche sector has many potentials worth further exploration.

But if compliance is closely related to law, are non-law graduates and professionals qualified for compliance positions?

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