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Be hard on your work, never yourself

Vuslat Eksi ( is Corporate Compliance Manager for China Telecom Americas Corporation in Herndon, Virginia, USA.

Every profession comes with its own stresses and even the occasional traumas. We have become so integrated with our work roles that sometimes it becomes difficult to separate the two. We often hear about compassion fatigue of doctors, nurses, social workers, or attorneys, but one role for which we often neglect to mention mental wellness is the ethics and compliance officer.

This role is tasked with being familiar with all applicable regulations in the industry. Ethics and compliance officers are also tasked with knowing employment law and having the right interpersonal skills to be able to interview or investigate misconduct. Often, the role comes with the responsibility of bearing witness to misconduct such as harassment, discrimination, and fraud. It might even need to assist in making employment decisions—factors that affect another person’s livelihood. It truly is a dynamic profession, but unfortunately, at times it comes with the risk of emotional depletion. It is Groundhog Day, so let’s bring to light a few stressors those in this profession may experience and some ways to deal with them.

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