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Verizon’s 2019 data breach report: Web-based payment services are at highest risk for an attack

Verizon Wireless’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is one of the most widely anticipated reports on incidents and breaches of information security. The DBIR was launched in 2008, and the 2019 DBIR is the 12th edition since the launch. Verizon makes use of an extensive dataset that includes contributions from 73 organizations overall (66 of them are external to Verizon) and takes into account more than 40,000 security incidents and 2,000 confirmed breaches.

The DBIR focuses on presenting the data, as opposed to interpreting or making any concrete conclusions. For data industry experts and compliance professionals, the 78-page report provides a telling snapshot of the cybersecurity landscape by industry and incident type, as well as a trove of numbers to pore over and analyze. The 2019 report shows how cyber hacking is on the rise, how the nature of hacking is changing in response to security measures employed by organizations and cybersecurity professionals, and what methods and sectors are most commonly reported.

Data is a commodity and moves through a digital supply chain. Maintaining information technology compliance and cybersecurity is a major component of a compliance professional’s responsibilities, and this report can help them do it.

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