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Nurturing your compliance program: Lessons learned from parenting

J. Veronica Xu ( is the Chief Compliance Officer for Saber Healthcare Group, headquartered in Cleveland, OH.

“How hard can it be to raise a child, right? If a person could successfully pass one of the most notoriously difficult bar exams on the first try while being eight months pregnant, nothing would be harder than that,” I thought to myself. Little did I know about how nave I was, and that pregnancy is a relatively easy part of the long journey. Not surprisingly, after my child was born, the seemingly never-ending nursing-changing-feeding-and-cleaning cycle completely overwhelmed and terrorized the then-inexperienced me. Even now, more than a decade later, I still find myself continually supervising, teaching, and guiding my preteen on a variety of subjects with new sets of challenges, including the ever-changing social environment—more like a compliance officer at home. I am sure this can resonate with many parents who are also compliance professionals.

As an enthusiastic compliance person, I am constantly thinking and reflecting upon the work I do. My parenting experience prompted me to ponder, and I can’t help but be amazed by how similar it is to the growth of a compliance program. At each stage of a compliance program, we are faced with a wide array of distinct challenges and barriers. As with raising a child, we need to nurture our compliance program and grow with it. It is truly rewarding to see it mature, advance, and succeed.

This article aims to deploy, apply, and share parenting tactics and strategies to assist my fellow compliance professionals with the development and management of their compliance programs.

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