Navigating the post-pandemic landscape: Compliance tips for a resilient future

6 minute read

The pandemic highlighted vulnerabilities in virtually every process and system possible. Suppliers had no choice but to exercise those force majeure clauses, which affected everything from the product itself to delivery, production, and even materials. And let’s not talk about the nightmare of shipping containers. Who would have thought in a million years that shipping containers would be one of the keys to the supply chain in a pandemic?

For some companies, reliable substitute suppliers were hard to find since most suppliers were experiencing similar—if not the same—issues, especially if the suppliers’ sourcing avenues were the same. As companies emerge from the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic, there have been lessons learned for many companies and compliance professionals. The need for a robust compliance framework has been more apparent than before. The following explores key post-pandemic compliance tips that companies should consider ensuring resilience and sustainability in the evolving business landscape.

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