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My compliance program doesn’t work

Calvin London ( is the Founder and Principal Consultant of The Compliance Concierge.

Compliance programs are a cornerstone of the healthcare sector. Regardless of whether you are in industry, hospital, or nursing, the expectation is that your organization will have a compliance program. Have you ever sat back and thought, “My compliance program doesn’t work”?

You invested resources into creating this program, and now it doesn’t work. You have set up policies and procedures, which you always seem to be updating, and still there are noncompliance events and inconsistent behaviours everywhere. No one seems to care about it; it is just there!

Maybe you did a good job of setting up a compliance framework, but it was never given life. Compliance programs have to live and breathe to be successful, and they need passion behind them to be truly successful.

Why doesn’t my compliance program work? Here are six possible reasons why it may not be working and suggestions as to how to overcome them.

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