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Health systems and joint ventures: Reducing risk through compliance alignment

Robert R. Michalski ( is a Compliance Professional in Gainesville, FL. Robert G. Breighner, Jr. ( is the Chief Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer at Select Medical Corp. in Mechanicsburg, PA.

As healthcare continues to evolve at breakneck speed, health systems must continually transform to keep pace. This transformation can take many forms, including strategic affiliations and partnerships that complement or expand a health system’s current suite of service offerings.

A joint venture (JV) where two organizations agree to pool resources in pursuit of a business activity is a common affiliation strategy. JVs have been used in recent years as a means to pursue innovation and consolidate scale in core competencies.[1] They expand market share, improve network integration, and increase capacity and access to services. Each JV partner brings their unique strengths to the entity to improve the service offerings to the communities served.

Value-based care models also require more collaboration across the continuum of care. JVs leverage the experience and services of specialized providers to more efficiently use capital infrastructure in the delivery of services.

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