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No-cost quality improvements: Strategies from Ciox Health

Elizabeth A. Delahoussaye ( is Corporate Compliance andChief Privacy Officer for Ciox Health, located in Alpharetta, GA.

Patient medical records are rich with information, the transfer of which requires unparalleled security, timeliness, and accuracy. Until there is total automation in data exchange, healthcare decision-makers face the stark reality of resultant human error. Every organization’s leadership must decide the quality and risk rates that are acceptable for that organization, facing this threshold with a balance of pragmatism and high expectations.

Transparency, compliance, and privacy are key, particularly in the release of quality patient information. That patient record—every patient record—represents a real person. And it’s vital that every person involved in the exchange of records understands this human side of a very digital world. Release of information is a nuanced and innately human process, one in which stakeholders require a deep understanding of quality challenges, trends, and a depth of the commitment to compliance. Through a three-tiered approach including executive awareness, departmental reorganization, and technology enablement, we were able to achieve this understanding and reduce our quality errors by 48%. Here are the takeaways from our quality journey, and how we integrated all levels of staff and technologies to promote and measure quality improvement with minimal capital investment.

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