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Preparing to pass a spot audit conducted by your state department of health

Gerry Blass ( is President and CEO at ComplyAssistant in Iselin, New Jersey. Dana Penny ( is Chief Compliance Officer at The New Jewish Home in New York, NY.

In the wake of COVID-19, healthcare organizations have seen an uptick in spot or surprise audits by their state departments of health (DOHs) for emergency preparedness plans with a specific focus on pandemic response. Similar to other Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) mandates for emergency preparedness,[1] every response is local, and health departments must handle many different emergencies, including expected, unexpected, and unimaginable threats. Collaboration between DOHs and healthcare providers is crucial during these times. Hence, state and local health departments’ current urgency is to ensure their regional healthcare providers are fully prepared for spot or surprise audits.

Is your organization ready in case that occurs? In this article, we cover steps your organization can and should take today to prepare in the event of a spot audit by your state’s DOH, beginning with how to build and publish an official pandemic response plan.

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