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Maximizing your compliance and ethics network

Eric Brotten ( is Director of International Compliance Programs at Optum in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA. Jessica Drewiske ( is Assistant Vice President and Manager of Global Ethics Strategy and Framework at U.S. Bank in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Being a compliance and ethics professional today places individuals at the forefront of a growing need to protect and improve a company’s risk profile and reputation, and at the intersection of demands by stakeholders and other corporate functions such as human resources, tax, employee relations, communications, marketing, finance and accounting, legal, and privacy. There are many reasons to build a network, from meeting future employers/employees/colleagues, to learning from peers and benchmarking in order to improve program effectiveness and/or your effectiveness in a role, to convincing others of the importance of your program, or simply because you’re supposed to do it. If you are a compliance professional, it doesn’t take a headline to tell you that it has become increasingly critical to have a network not just within your company but also with compliance industry peers. Here are some tips for maximizing your compliance and ethics network.

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