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Managing compliance and ethics business relationships with S.T.Y.L.E.

Natalie N. Gunn JD, CHC ( is Global Manager of Compliance and Ethics at Stella & Dot Family of Brands in Brisbane, California, USA.

There’s no shortage of science touting the benefits of systematic, formalized, consistent actions — essentially, corporate habits — to create productive relationships and impart long-term sustainable impact and change. As compliance and ethics professionals, we are in the business of developing, training/educating, and enforcing policies within our organizations at large. We regularly evaluate our policies, request feedback, and implement changes to better serve anyone who is subject to the policies. Although this work accounts for much of our time, we would be remiss not to create similar processes aimed at managing our business relationships. Well-developed business relationships are essential to our work of effectuating policy, influencing our colleagues, and paving a path toward positive culture shifting.

As the manager of Global Compliance and Ethics for a multinational jewelry, apparel, and skin care company, I use STYLE: Systematic, Team driven, Y (the why), Leadership, Every day to manage internal and external business relationships. Compliance and ethics work is complex, but doing it with STYLE will lighten the load and make you look good (bonus points!).

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