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'I've got a quick question!': Using apps to communicate policies

Pam Hrubey ( is a managing director in consulting at Crowe in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Stefany Samp ( is a manager in consulting at Crowe in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

How often does your compliance team get asked a “quick” question? How many of these repeatedly come up? How many are straightforward policy questions versus in-depth discussions about compliance risk?

Compliance professionals welcome questions from their customers, use those opportunities to discuss risk, and help their customers move forward with decision-making. At the same time, compliance departments are being asked to do more with fewer or static resources. So how do you balance the want to encourage your customers to contact you with the growing mountain of work on your desk?

You might want to consider a technology solution that can handle basic Q&A so your team can focus on value-added initiatives, topics that need in-person discussions or coaching, and other risk management activities. A variety of technology solutions, hereafter referred to as apps, exist on the market today and offer a wide range of capabilities at varying cost.

Your compliance Q&A app could:

  • Provide consistent answers to basic Q&As and direct users to your compliance team for more complicated topics.

  • Show users other topics your compliance team advises on, increasing the reach and adoption of your programs.

  • Allow users to get answers in their native language, even if no one on the compliance team has that language skill.

  • Allow your compliance team to spend their valuable time on higher-value activities.

The following sections are intended to provide a nonexhaustive list of things to consider as you explore options. The considerations will vary by business.

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