When Roy asked me to lunch and told me about his idea for this book, I knew it would be a really complex topic to write about. But I thought, Roy is the right person to take this on. He has the unique ability to cut through complex topics and provide clear and concise summaries and thoughts.

My relationship with Roy began about six years ago when he hired me to help him find a CFO . . . and then several more searches followed. For 25 years I have evaluated candidates—well over 1,000—as an executive recruiter. Through all those years and interactions, I’ve noticed an indelible arc to the behavioral patterns of the candidates and clients I have interacted with. The erosion of integrity has not been dramatic or instant, but like all erosion, it’s been slow and steady . . . and undeniable. What is fascinating is why I think this is happening: you cannot listen to a TV show, a newscast, or political discourse today without observing a significant amount of spin, manipulation, and even deceit. And this is done at the expense of truth and transparency.

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