Find the right candidate with human capital research

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Human capital is defined as “the economic value of a worker’s experience and skills.”[1] Human capital is now a priority in research, with the growing exodus of experienced employees. The pandemic resulted in furloughs, decreased hours, or a reduction in the workforce. Now, the need for employees is unprecedented. The value of a compliance team member has become more noticeable.

A recent survey done on remote work by the National Council of University Research Administrators showed that 57.7% of respondents would consider changing jobs or places of employment for another that offered more flexibility than their current situation. Another 20.8% were unsure.[2] Is remote work a necessity in hiring or maintaining good employees? The survey also showed that telework has or will impact the organization in general, as well as employee satisfaction and well-being. One colleague told me last week that a position in her facility had been vacant for nearly nine months, and they are struggling to fill it. What has changed?

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