2021 SCCE Webinar

  1. Compliance Policy Management

    2021 SCCE Webinar  | September 07, 2021 

    • How to position compliance policies as the integral part of your program they are meant to be

    • Policies within the context of the US Sentencing Guidelines and the DOJ's "Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs"

    • Engaging stakeholders from other corporate functions

    • Policy quality and the role of the "Policy on Policies"

    • Policy approval and ownership

    • The value of a corporate policy center

  2. They did what?! Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

    2021 SCCE Webinar  | August 19, 2021 

    • Attendees will understand the policies and practices that must be in place before an investigation occurs

    • Participants will recognize the steps that need to be taken to conduct an investigation effectively

    • Attendees will learn the questions that should be asked to the person that is being investigated, the person that raised the complaint, and any witnesses

    • Participants will understand the steps that must be taken to conclude the investigation

    • Attendees will know the reasons that investigations over the same conduct may result in different levels of discipline

  3. FCPA Enforcement Trends and Developments: 2021 (August 2021)

    2021 SCCE Webinar  | August 03, 2021 

    • Recent FCPA Enforcement Developments

    • Recent Major Cases and Key Takeaways

    • DOJ/SEC FCPA Investigations in the COVID-19 Era

    • What to Watch for Between Now and the End of the Year

  4. Ten Critical Lessons for Benchmarking Your Program Against the DOJ's Evaluation Guidance

    2021 SCCE Webinar  | Presenter(s): Kristy Grant-Hart  | June 14, 2021 

    • Learn how to evaluate your program through the eyes of a prosecutor using their guidance

    • Discover the meaning of repetitiveword use to understand what is truly important

    • Obtain the skills to discern where to focus your energy to make your program the best it can be

  5. Applying the COSO ERM Framework to Compliance (May 2021)

    2021 SCCE Webinar  | Presenter(s): Gerry Zack  | May 19, 2021 

    • Understand the relationships between Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Internal Controls, and Compliance & Ethics Programs

    • Learn practical applications of ERM to Compliance Risk Management

    • Map key characteristics of compliance & ethics programs to the ERM framework

  6. The Bid War: Navigating the Compliance Battlefield in Government Bids

    2021 SCCE Webinar  | Presenter(s): Kate Hamann, Giles Carter, Jenny Carmichael  | May 18, 2021 

    • What are the bidding rules and where do you find them? (E.g., there are the rules in the bid/issuing agency rules, there are the local jurisdiction rules, and there are the funder rules.)

    • Conducting appropriate due diligence - Who should you conduct due diligence on during the government bidding process and what should you look for in terms of "red flags"

    • Handling potentially confidential information - What should you be aware of when reviewing and discussing bid specifications and pricing information

    • Interacting with government officials - What policies should you have with respect to gifts, travel, and entertainment when it comes to government officials and how can you properly provide input on tender requests when asked by the procuring agency; Perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged, communication in one jurisdiction/bid may be completely prohibited in another

  7. Effective Compliance Risk Management in Environments of Increasing Regulatory Expectations

    2021 SCCE Webinar  | Presenter(s): Stephanie Trossbach  | May 11, 2021 

    • Understanding the importance of compliance risk management for a robust compliance program

    • Getting to know the “drivers” of compliance risk management in companies (compliance risk management as part of the internal controlsystem, FCPA and UK Bribery Act, other international standards)

    • Learning of how to identify and assess compliance risks in companies

    • How to tackle compliance risk assessments as a compliance responsible: 5 steps practical approach

  8. The CCPA or CPRA and Beyond: US Consumer Privacy Laws and Bills and How to Stay Sane

    2021 SCCE Webinar  | Presenter(s): Teresa Troester-Falk, Rachel Glasser, Debrah Howitt  | May 05, 2021 

    • California’s privacy laws (CCPA/CPRA) - highlight of changes under CPRA

    • Virginia's CDPA - operational compliance obligations

    • State of the State of US Consumer Privacy Bills

    • Roadmap to success - experience from the Trenches

  9. Best Practices in Third Party Risk Management

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Patrick Wellens  | April 28, 2021 

    • Key Challenges/opportunities when implementing a third party due diligence system

    • Project (implementation) team

    • Project scope

    • Integration with other systems

    • Escalation and extended risk assessments

    • Supplier questionnaires vs external databases

    • Ownership of third party risk

  10. Anti-Bribery Risk Assessments: Measuring Business Bribery Risk, Updating Procedures

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Alexandra Wrage, Dan Seltzer  | April 13, 2021 

    • How to scope a global risk assessment and identify your most significant risk areas

    • Developing an effective workplan for conducting risk assessments, mapping risks, and updating procedures to detect new vulnerabilities

    • Executing a plan to mitigate issues identified via risk assessment and updating procedures

  11. Building Governance Frameworks for Better Compliance

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Alberto Melgoza  | April 08, 2021 

    • What is a governance framework?

    • Understanding the relevance of a governance framework from the perspective of: risk, climate (communication & trust), accountability, ethics (values & decision making) and behavior (conduct)

    • How to develop a governance framework that allows for effective compliance, and in consequence lesser liability

    • Who is accountable for the governance framework? Why?

    • Consequences of not designing and implementing a proper governance framework

    • Examples of liabilities for not having nor complying with the governance framework

  12. Building Global Compliance and Ethics Programs for International Organizations

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Raymond Justice  | April 07, 2021 

    • Understand different compliance & ethic program models used by international organizations

    • How different structures work for different organizational sizes

    • What model(s) work for addressing compliance & ethical issues and challenges organizations face internationally

    • How organizations can grow their compliance & ethics programs over time by investment

  13. Antitrust Compliance 2.0: Tackling the Toughest Parts of the DOJ Compliance Program Guidance (2021 Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Pedro de la Torre, Marvin Price, Douglas Tween  | March 18, 2021 

    • Examine in detail the latest U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division compliance guidance

    • Understand the DOJ’s expectations with respect to risk assessments, auditing and monitoring, information exchange, and tracking competitor contacts

    • Learn evolving competition compliance best practices, as well as tips and tools from in-house experts and former enforcers to manage risk

  14. Calling All Champions! Best Practices for Establishing an Ethics Champion Network

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Cristina Potter, Shauna Brookshier, Chelsea Dunkle  | February 16, 2021 

    • Learners should be able to define and create criteria for establishing an Ethics Ambassador program

    • Learners should be able to articulate the value of an Ethics Ambassador program to their Board of Directors

    • Learners should be able to design, implement and evaluate their Ethics Ambassador program

  15. The Growing Importance of Data Analytics & Data Visualization for E&C Professionals

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Tanja Gromadzki  | March 24, 2021 

    • Data analytics & data visualization: What is the hype all about?

    • How can I incorporate data visualization into my E&C program?

    • Suggestions for using data to continue driving program effectiveness

  16. Reducing Fatigue: How Global Companies Increase Compliance Training Efficiency

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Neha Gupta  | March 16, 2021 

    • Program planning strategies to consolidate and reduce training requirements

    • Technology and automation strategies that save time and yield quantifiable insight

    • Communication strategies to engage and continue the dialogue into employees’ everyday lives

  17. What Lawyers Need to Know About Privacy Compliance

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Leona Lewis  | March 08, 2021 

    • Learn how differences in business models can impact privacy compliance risk

    • Learn about recent changes to the law and its impact to privacy compliance program requirements

    • Learn about the basics of data mapping and why it is important to privacy compliance

    • Learn why certain types of documentation is critical to compliance, while other types raise your compliance risk

    • Learn why a sustainable privacy compliance process should be a high priority

  18. Securing Data: Keeping Your Company, Employee, Suppliers and Customers Safe in 2021

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ranjeeth Bellary  | March 04, 2021 

    • Introduction to data privacy

    • Connecting data privacy with corporate compliance and maintaining ethics (Show alignment of data privacy laws with compliance/ethics)

    • Why data privacy compliance is a top concern for corporate management in establishing compliance

    • Data ethics: Core guiding principle for data privacy

    • Instances from the past: Breach in ethics resulted in widely known data privacy breaches

    • How data privacy principles can help to establish compliance and ethics in your organization

    • Challenges and best practices

  19. Championing Your Compliance Program

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Matt Silverman  | March 01, 2021 

    • Getting commitment from management

    • Creating incentives

    • Developing an implementation Plan

    • Developing and maintaining a training program

    • Recruiting champions

    • Formalizing, utilizing, and publicizing the champions network

    • Benchmarking with other networks

    • Creating deliverables

  20. Taking Your Code Digital: Here's How to Do It Right (2021 SCCE Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Andrea Falcione, Tricia Cornell, Leslie Staver, Stacy Tietjen  | February 17, 2021 

    • Optimize your Code for your 21st-century, always-online audience

    • Make the most of available technology, while avoiding tech hassles

    • Learn where to start, five features your Code must have, and three things you don’t need 

  21. How to Promote and Reinforce Your Company's Values Through an Ambassador Program (2021 SCCE Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): JP Shotwell, Michael Chinn, Toni-Lynne Langeveld  | February 10, 2021 

    • Learn how to garner leadership support for your ambassador program, select the right ambassadors, and engage them through meaningful dialogue, tools and resources

    • Learn how to promote an ethical and compliant culture through an ambassador program and what it takes to start a program from the ground up. Select the right people to reinforce behaviors you want your employees to embody

    • Learn how to reinvent your ambassador program to promote a values-based culture. Find out how SCE transformed its Ethics Ambassador Program to its current Values Ambassador Program and the impact its ambassadors have had on fostering a positive work environment

  22. Six Principles for Great Compliance Training (Complimentary Member Exclusive)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Kirsten Liston  | February 03, 2021 

  23. Clear, Concise, and Captivating: Tips on How to Communicate with the C-Suite and Board of Directors (2021 SCCE Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): August Immel  | January 28, 2021 

    • Briefing the organization's senior leadership is the opportunity you want - all eyes on you to present compliance issues as the expert in the room.  Learn how to own that role with excellent oral and written skills.  Seize the opportunity; do not fear it

    • Rhetoric is a mandatory topic in classical education for a reason.  By knowing what your audience needs to hear, reading their body language, and focusing your presentation on key elements, your point will not only be made, but it will also be remembered

    • The key to presenting your material is knowing what must be said, what can be omitted, and how to manage time, especially when speaking with senior leadership.  Learn tips on how to craft your presentation in a way that works for everyone

  24. Challenges of Implementing a Risk-Based Third-Party Due Diligence Program (2021 SCCE Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ansie Delport, Lila Acharya, Sonal Shah  | January 25, 2021 

    • Do you know who your third parties are and what they do for you? Many companies struggle with this as they seek to formalize their third-party due diligence procedures. We will discuss strategies for tackling this challenge

    • Technology and third-party due diligence - friend or foe? The market is now flooded with automated due diligence platforms and screening tools for conducting third party due diligence. How do you determine what is best for your company

    • What constitutes a “risk-based” approach to third-party due diligence? The DOJ, SFO, and AFA all advise taking one, but devising a strategy can be challenging. We will discuss best practices in developing procedures appropriate for your company