2021 SCCE Web Conference

  1. How to Promote and Reinforce Your Company's Values Through an Ambassador Program (2021 SCCE Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): JP Shotwell, Michael Chinn, Toni-Lynne Langeveld  | February 10, 2021 

    • Learn how to garner leadership support for your ambassador program, select the right ambassadors, and engage them through meaningful dialogue, tools and resources

    • Learn how to promote an ethical and compliant culture through an ambassador program and what it takes to start a program from the ground up. Select the right people to reinforce behaviors you want your employees to embody

    • Learn how to reinvent your ambassador program to promote a values-based culture. Find out how SCE transformed its Ethics Ambassador Program to its current Values Ambassador Program and the impact its ambassadors have had on fostering a positive work environment

  2. Six Principles for Great Compliance Training (Complimentary Member Exclusive)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Kirsten Liston  | February 03, 2021 

  3. Clear, Concise, and Captivating: Tips on How to Communicate with the C-Suite and Board of Directors (2021 SCCE Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): August Immel  | January 28, 2021 

    • Briefing the organization's senior leadership is the opportunity you want - all eyes on you to present compliance issues as the expert in the room.  Learn how to own that role with excellent oral and written skills.  Seize the opportunity; do not fear it

    • Rhetoric is a mandatory topic in classical education for a reason.  By knowing what your audience needs to hear, reading their body language, and focusing your presentation on key elements, your point will not only be made, but it will also be remembered

    • The key to presenting your material is knowing what must be said, what can be omitted, and how to manage time, especially when speaking with senior leadership.  Learn tips on how to craft your presentation in a way that works for everyone

  4. Challenges of Implementing a Risk-Based Third-Party Due Diligence Program (2021 SCCE Web Conference)

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ansie Delport, Lila Acharya, Sonal Shah  | January 25, 2021 

    • Do you know who your third parties are and what they do for you? Many companies struggle with this as they seek to formalize their third-party due diligence procedures. We will discuss strategies for tackling this challenge

    • Technology and third-party due diligence - friend or foe? The market is now flooded with automated due diligence platforms and screening tools for conducting third party due diligence. How do you determine what is best for your company

    • What constitutes a “risk-based” approach to third-party due diligence? The DOJ, SFO, and AFA all advise taking one, but devising a strategy can be challenging. We will discuss best practices in developing procedures appropriate for your company

  5. The Role Of Leadership In An Effective Compliance Program: Effectively Engaging Leadership In Your Organization

    2021 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Adam Balfour  | January 21, 2021 

    • Leaders and managers play a key role in building and sustaining a culture of compliance and ensuring an effective compliance program

    • Learn why leaders are so key and practical strategies for how and what you can do to engage leaders within your organization’s compliance program

    • Learn how to engage leaders, leverage their voice and use incentives to recognize leaders that set the gold standard