2020 SCCE Web Conference

  1. Cultivation of Culture and Compliance Partnerships (2020 SCCE Web Conference)

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ashley Lewis, Jaclyn Badeau  | December 16, 2020 

    • Understand the importance of building a culture of compliance and communication

    • Learn tips on building cross-functional partnerships, including harnessing and developing your EQ skills

    • Recognize the importance of engaging employees in the compliance process

    • Understand why words are so important with your Hotline solution

  2. Identifying Personnel Needs and Leveraging Varied Skill Sets to Staff an Effective Compliance Department (2020 SCCE Web Conference)

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Felipe Maldonado Garcia, Greg Bates  | December 15, 2020 

    • Align the compliance programs staffing needs with the organization’s commercial strategy and risk assessment

    • Evaluate the compliance programs personnel needs versus existing resources to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

    • Consider various ways to fill resource gaps, including providing employee growth opportunities, repurposing team members, and leveraging employees outside the core compliance department

  3. 2020 Hindsight: Anti-Corruption Developments in 2020

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ann Sultan, James Tillen  | December 09, 2020 

    • Become familiar with the major FCPA cases of 2020

    • Learn about the policy developments affecting corporate compliance programs from the DOJ this year

    • Catch up on key international developments in anti-corruption, such a new guidance from the UK on DPAs

  4. How Will Brexit Affect Compliance? Data Protection, Anti-bribery & Corruption, and Modern Slavery

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Jonathan Armstrong, Andre Bywater  | December 07, 2020 

    • Data Protection: What will happen about GDPR, data transfers, data protection officers, data protection representatives & data impact assessment, etc.?

    • Bribery and corruption: Which way are things going and what you can do to reduce risk?

    • Modern slavery: How to manage supply chain risk

    • Other key developments from the outcome of the Brexit negotiations

  5. How Are We Doing? Strategies for Compliance Program Assessment

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Eric Morehead  | December 03, 2020 

    • Why turn over the rocks? Some benefits and some goals for a periodic compliance program assessment

    • What are the expectations?  What have regulators said they are looking for and what does benchmarking tell us about program assessment?

    • Measure twice and cut once: What are some practical steps and resources to consider when planning an assessment?

    • Sum of its parts: What are the different tools, approaches and methods that organizations can use for assessments?

    • Ideally, any organization should have a good idea at the end of this session about the resources and tools needed to either conduct an assessment internally or the criteria for selecting a partner to assist with an assessment

  6. Anti-Corruption Enforcement Report

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Thad McBride, Lindsey Fetzer  | December 01, 2020 

    • Understand the key provisions and challenges presented by the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    • Learn how companies often get in trouble

    • Gain insight into recent enforcement action and what that action says about the US government’s enforcement priorities

    • Receive guidance on compliance best practices to avoid potential issues

  7. Implementing Privacy Compliance in a Dynamic Legal & Regulatory Environment (Complimentary Member Exclusive)

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Robert Bond  | November 06, 2020 

    • The development of data protection laws

    • Current laws and regulation

    • Key risk areas

    • Ensuring data provenance

    • Developing and implementing policies

  8. Those Things You Need to Know about Money Laundering

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Monica Ramirez  | November 05, 2020 

    • Learn the difference between money laundering and terrorist financing and the specific characteristics of each concept

    • See how money is laundered worldwide (financial and non-financial sectors) as well as become aware of why the money laundering risk is also a personal matter

    • Get to know key controls your company should have to minimize the risk of being used to launder money

  9. Complying with U.S. Trade Sanctions: What every U.S. Company Needs to Know to Avoid OFAC's Wrath

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Jessica Sanderson, Matt Stankiewicz  | October 08, 2020 

    • Overview of US sanctions regimes 

    • To whom US laws apply (e.g. includes foreign subsidiaries; secondary sanctions)

    • Key developments

    • Compliance obligations and elements of an effective sanctions compliance program

    • Enforcement trends 

    • Common pitfalls and emerging risks

  10. Compliance Issues from the Pandemic: Work from Home, Return to Work and Hybrid Working

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Jonathan Armstrong, Andre Bywater  | September 30, 2020 

    • GDPR, Data Protection and Privacy (including the challenges of health checks and data on employee wellbeing)

    • The increase in bribery and corruption cases and what you can do to reduce risk

    • The need to manage new third-party risks and the impact on modern slavery and supply chain issues

  11. Mutual Moral Deferment: "Law & Economics" Changes the Role of Law in Organizational Ethics

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Riaz Tejani  | September 23, 2020 

    • An overview of three recent corporate ethics cases and the role lawyers played in their unfolding

    • A brief history of the Law and Economics movement in the United States and its current state of the art

    • An explanation of the changes Law and Economics have wrought in the landscape for business law and ethics today

  12. Compliance in Russia: Enforcement Trends and Best Practices in the Challenging Post-Soviet Environment

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Hannes Lubitzsch  | September 21, 2020 

    • Lessons learned from recent Russian anti-bribery enforcement, including new liability risks for foreign companies

    • Best practices for compliance programs in Russian organizations, taking into account legislative developments

    • What are the main pitfalls when conducting corporate investigations in the Russian environment?

  13. Establishing a Compliance Program for New Government Contractors

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Bailey Naples  | September 09, 2020 

    • Identifying the regulations and laws associated with your awarded government contract

    • Writing user friendly policies, protocols, and procedures

    • Establishing controls and self-audits to maintain compliance

  14. 100 days with the updated DOJ Guidance on evaluation of compliance programs

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Jaideep Kewalramani, Suhas Tuljapurkar  | September 02, 2020 

    • Learn the changes introduced by the new DOJ guidance

    • Learn how the new DOJ guidance impacts an organization’s compliance program

  15. Risk Assessment: Foundation for Building an Effective Ethics & Compliance (Complimentary Member Exclusive - 2)

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Judith Spain  | August 21, 2020 

    • Describing a universal model to identify your entity’s universe of risk

    • Explaining the assessment process

    • Using examples to walk through each assessment step on the path to understand how assessment feeds into a functioning compliance and ethics program

  16. Doing Business in Africa: A Boom and Changing Risk Landscape

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Lola Adekanye, Anna Kompanek  | August 17, 2020 

    • Whether it is large-scale Kenyan agricultural producers or Ethiopian apparel manufacturers, Africa is an increasingly attractive place to source goods bound for European markets but remains inherently risky in terms of compliance

    • This session, featuring speakers based in Washington DC and Nigeria, offers a view from the frontlines on how companies and compliance professionals are striking a balance between opportunity and risk on the Continent

    • From experience working on compliance issues in 16 African markets, the presenters will discuss how to find trusted local companies that meet due diligence requirements, and how to strengthen their compliance capacity and reduce risk profile

  17. SEC and DOJ Enforcement Update

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Sandra Moser, Richard Grime, Audrey Harris, Sulaksh Shah  | August 12, 2020 

    • SEC and DOJ Enforcement: What’s on the Horizon?

    • Revised DOJ’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs

    • SEC's use of data analytics and focus on investigation of non-GAAP metrics

    • Noteworthy SEC/DOJ settlements and their implications

  18. Risk Assessment: Foundation for Building an Effective Ethics & Compliance Program (Complimentary Member Exclusive)

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Judith Spain  | August 11, 2020 

    • Describing a universal model to identify your entity’s universe of risk

    • Explaining the assessment process

    • Using examples to walk through each assessment step on the path to understand how assessment feeds into a functioning compliance and ethics program

  19. Understanding the Final Title IX Regulations

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Colleen Lewis, Katlyn Andrews  | August 06, 2020 

    • Review the key considerations and applicability of the Department of Education’s Final Title IX Regulations released on May 6, 2020

    • Understand how provisions in the Final Title IX Regulations compare to provisions in the 2018 proposed guidance

    • Identify actions institutions should take, including updating policies and grievance procedures, to comply with the Final Title IX Regulations by the August 14, 2020 effective date

  20. Truth or Consequences: Demonstrating Regulator Ready Compliance Plans vs. Consequences

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Teri Quimby  | July 27, 2020 

    • Elements of a regulator's thought process: Understanding the use of your compliance information (or lack thereof) to determine consequences

    • Ways to demonstrate plan effectiveness for government records and hearings

    • “Grey areas”: How to create a compliance program when government standards are not clear

    • Codes of Conduct/Best Practices: Building better bridges between government expectations and business practice

  21. Policies and Procedures: More Than Pieces of Paper

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Kyle Eaton  | July 21, 2020 

    • Know the "why" behind a policy before implementation. There needs to be a reason and a need behind the policy

    • An agency’s policy and procedure manual is vital in creating a positive culture for the organization

    • Learn how to foster compliance with policies and procedures throughout the agency

  22. Addressing Third Party FCPA Compliance Risks

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Thad McBride  | June 30, 2020 

    • Overview of FCPA provisions and the basis for liability for conduct by third parties

    • Summary of third-party relationships - such as agents, distributors, venture partners - that create most risk

    • Lessons learned from past enforcement actions involving conduct by third parties

    • Compliance measures and advice for addressing risks related to third parties

    • Investigative steps in the case of an actual or potential violation by a third party

  23. Recent FCPA Enforcement Developments

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Chuck Duross  | June 10, 2020 

    • Recent major cases and key takeaways

    • DOJ/SEC FCPA Investigations in the COVID-19 Era

    • What to watch for between now and the end of the year

  24. OFAC Sanctions Update: Navigating the Minefield

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Robert Ward  | May 20, 2020 

    • Discussion on the Implications of the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal, and now with Iran’s own decision to withdraw, with emphasis on secondary sanctions

    • Discussion on key steps to prevent violations including enforcement trends, best practices for policies/procedures, screening, due diligence and training

  25. Anti-Corruption Risk Assessments 2020 - Best Practices

    2020 SCCE Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ann Sultan, Daniel Wendt  | May 19, 2020 

    • What to consider when conducting a company-wide anti-corruption risk assessment for your business, as recommended by the DOJ in recent guidance

    • Best practices for risk assessments covering specific operations, such as a specific country market or a specific business unit, including how to leverage multiple topics in addition to anti-corruption compliance

    • How data analytics can help with risk assessments, such as identifying areas or markets of particular risk, scoping assessments, and identifying specific items for testing