Technology and Compliance

Ethics, Compliance, and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is likely one of the most transformational technologies ever invented. Perhaps that prediction is hyperbole. But for our purposes here, we can accept it as a given. How are compliance officers supposed to manage something so sweeping?

Indeed, the single biggest challenge that AI poses for corporate ethics and compliance officers today is its very name—we have too many concepts squeezed under the umbrella term “artificial intelligence.” As a result, compliance officers struggle to identify all the risks that AI can pose—and rest assured, that list is long.

Without that precise understanding of AI’s risks, companies can’t respond to those risks efficiently and effectively. Compliance officers are left overwhelmed, management teams left uncertain, and all the while, the risks of AI keep piling up.

That is where we are today. The corporate world has been flooded with AI tools, with more coming onto the market every day. Compliance officers need to find a better approach to AI somehow, and they need to find it fast. Let’s consider what that better approach might look like.

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