Appendix A.11: Sample Budget Areas for Compliance

SJH – Subaccounts PHS – Subaccounts Info security Compliance Admin Internal Audit Risk Claim Insurance
Other ExpensesOther Expenses
4900 Other Minor Equipment74900100 Minor Equip Desktop Software***
4900 Other Minor Equipment74900300 Minor Equip Exp****
4915 Computer Equipment74900400 Minor Equip PC Exp****
8300 Licenses and Taxes78300000 Licensing Exp**
8600 Dues and Subscriptions78600000 Subscriptions**
8601 Dues and Subscriptions78601000 Dues and Member Fees*****
8700 Outside Training78700000 Training Exp*****
8700 Outside Training78704000 Training Exp Staff Development**
8800 Travel and Lodging78800000 Travel Exp*****
8800 Travel and Lodging78800003 Travel Exp Parking*
8700 Outside Training78801000 Meetings Exp****
8810 Mileage Reimbursement78802400 Travel Exp Mileage***
Professional FeesProfessional Fees
2200 Consulting72200000 Prof Fees Consult***
2401 DB – Internal Audit Fees72900000 Prof Fees Other*
Purchased ServicesPurchased Services
6210 Service Contracts Equipment76200010 Contract Maintenance**
6200 Repairs and Maintenance76202000 Rep Mnt Computer*
6900 Other Purchased Services76900000 Purch Svc Other**
6901 Other Purchased Services76410000 Purch Svc Software**
4600 Office Supplies74600000 Supplies Office****
8500 Telephone78500000 Telephone Exp*
8501 Telephone78500100 Wireless Exp***
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