Appendix A.10: Sample Board of Directors Resolution

Office of the Secretary and Chief of Staff To Members of the Committee on Compliance and Audit:


For Meeting on:_________________________________________


Regent _______________ recommends that the Committee on Compliance and Audit recommend to the Regents that, following a presentation in the Committee regarding the proposed Ethics and Compliance program by Senior Vice President _______________, the Regents approve the following resolution:

WHEREAS, the Regents of _______________ made the decision in May 2006 to establish a university-wide program of corporate compliance and established the new position of Senior Vice President – Chief Compliance and Audit Officer, an officer of the corporation, by amending the Bylaws and Standing Orders accordingly; and

WHEREAS, President _______________ strongly endorses and recommends that _______________ have a robust ethics and compliance program, and

WHEREAS, Senior Vice President – Chief Compliance and Audit Officer _______________ assumed the position in October 2007 and has developed the proposed program and structure for an effective Ethics and Compliance Program for _______________; and

WHEREAS, voluntary adoption of such a program is considered a best business practice that will serve to enhance the public trust and meet expectations of the Regents and external stakeholders by demonstrating the Regents’ commitment to good stewardship of federal, state and private resources; and

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