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The US government is tightening cybersecurity requirements—so should you

Kristin Roberts ( is a Compliance Manager for Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, USA.

The May 2021 cyberattacks targeting 150 government agencies, think tanks, and other organizations across 24 countries are the latest incidents involving malicious actors attempting to gain access to trusted technology providers and their clients’ information.[1] The increase in recent cyberattacks at US agencies, institutions, and companies, along with the mounting risk of foreign influence in federally funded research the last few years, has prompted the US to significantly improve its cybersecurity defense and defense contractor requirements.

Institutions of higher education and private companies, as government stakeholders receiving federal funding for research and development, education, or other purposes, will be held to these higher cybersecurity standards, as well. Your compliance program must be ready, willing, and able to adapt to new federal orders, regulations, and legislation that require your organization to secure the information and activities the federal government has entrusted your organization with.

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