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Sound Bytes, Training Shots, and Memory Joggers

Calvin London ( is the former head of Business Operations and Integrity for Celgene Pty Ltd. in Australia and New Zealand.

Who would have thought that something I did for fun when I was studying at university would become a concept for training and education in compliance?

When I was at university, I played in a band. We didn’t do too badly and, for a while, had a regular gig at one of the local hotels. Alas that big recording contract never came, so I ended up in compliance. We did, however, get to experience recording when we cut a demo tape. During this process when you take a break and you come back, you do what is called a “Sound Byte” (adapted spelling!). This is a short run through a couple of riffs in a song to test the different sound levels and get balanced.

When I was reminiscing about this a couple of years ago, it set me off on a theme to come up with a series of short, sharp in-the-moment training scenarios, which we now call Sound Bytes, “Training Shots,” and “Memory Joggers.”

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