Chapter 3: Running an Effective Compliance Program

Risk Assessment and Management

1Jeff Driver is a lawyer, practitioner-scholar, innovator, and educator who has been involved as an executive in the healthcare industry spanning over four decades, including roles as chief risk officer and chief executive officer. His work has included the provision of critical care life support services, risk management, compliance, privacy, and health law counsel to employers and clients in a variety of sectors in healthcare with a concentration in academic medicine and healthcare. Driver is a member of the California and Tennessee Bar associations and provides in-house legal counsel and advisory services for Cohort4Care LLC. Driver is full-time instructor at the Arizona State University’s Edson College and teaches across regulatory, compliance, and innovation curriculums. He provides an array of consulting services as a principal in the company he formed in 2018, Soteria Risk Works LLC, and as a managing director for Arete Compliance Solutions LLC.