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Recent NSF Audit Resolutions Show Concerns Over Tuition, Speaker Fees

In three recently released resolutions of audits conducted by its Office of Inspector General (OIG), the National Science Foundation (NSF) has required three universities to pay back a total of $167,863, based in large measure on the concurrence of the awardees.

The resolutions close audits that in some cases go back to expenditures made six years ago, in the University of Cincinnati’s case, but UC was also the most successful in defending what it said were appropriate allocations for stipends and tuition assistance.[1] Of the three, it has to pay back the smallest amount—$3,018.

The other resolutions concern the University of Connecticut (UConn)[2] and Johns Hopkins University,[3] which will have to repay $73,797 and $91,048, respectively. NSF posted all three on Oct. 29.

This article examines the UC and UConn audits and resolutions; a future issue will dive into Hopkins’.

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