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Popular With Industry, 'Milestone' Budgets May Result in Greater Risk

As government funding becomes more difficult to obtain and institutions look to increase their sponsorship portfolio to include more industry support, it becomes crucial to employ budgeting strategies that will ensure universities and their researchers are protected, financially and otherwise.

Sharpening contracting skills was the purpose behind a recently concluded webinar series offered by the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP). The final segment, on budgeting strategies for industry agreements, was the 10th in the set.

During this session, Jarrett Ellis, senior associate with the Georgia Tech Research Corporation, was joined by Austin Kozman, research and development director with External Innovations at PepsiCo Inc. The rise of “milestone” contracts and the need for universities to implement consistent budgeting strategies across all projects, regardless of funding sources, were among the themes in the discussion.

According to the program announcer, Kozman is “charged with identifying research and developing emerging novel technologies in both food and beverage processing and packaging.” He also has 20 years’ experience as a thermal engineer,three U.S. and three U.K. patents, and six pending U.S. applications.

Ellis’ position is with the contracting arm of Georgia Tech, where he “leads negotiations for complex industry-sponsored research agreements [and] manages strategic relationships with enterprise-level sponsors and supervisors, industry contracts for administration and support.”

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