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NIH Affirms Support for NHP Studies, Efforts to Strengthen Research Rigor, Reproducibility

At the conclusion of a two-day workshop on ways to improve studies involving non-human primates, NIH officials confirmed their commitment to funding NHP research and ensuring it is of the highest scientific quality.

Titled “Fostering Rigorous Research: Lessons Learned from Non-human Primate Models and Charting the Path Forward,” the workshop featured speakers from Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), New York University and Oregon Health & Science University, among others.[1]

“NHPs have obviously shown their promise in serving for models for both basic human biology and for complex disease and disorders, and they are vital in our discovery of new cures and treatments,” said Lyric Jorgenson, deputy director of the NIH Office of Science Policy, which hosted the meeting. “We’ve discussed a lot of opportunities that are particularly unique to NHPs,” she said at the conclusion of the workshop.

She noted that NIH’s goal is “maximizing the value of non-human primate research and [the] nation’s investment in biomedical research,” while upholding the public’s trust and being good stewards of research dollars.

“We’re confident that the current set of regulations and the processes around animal research are robust and that the animals are well cared for, and that, in combination with our system for ensuring the scientific merit of what we do, is something we are confident and proud of, and will continue to invest in,” Jorgensen said.

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