Lesson 5. Hit the Compliance Bullseye with Expert Help

“Who is the best?” That’s the question my boss Marc Dettmann always asked when we needed to fix a problem. He taught me to respect specialists and how to use them.

When we ran into one significant problem we needed to fix, Marc called our former colleagues at the Mayo Clinic to find out who was the best. This problem was going to rattle leadership like nothing I had ever encountered, and would result in a big financial hit to the organization. We found a lawyer so effective that I have yet to find one better to this day (and I have met a lot of lawyers).

She helped us conduct a big investigation, bringing in other experts when needed. She helped us convince leadership, build credibility, and build a case to fix a problem that some people just didn’t want fixed. She explained things to people in such an effective way, that they had to come along peacefully. She reduced the drama that occasionally accompanies these sorts of bigger issues. Between Marc, the lawyer, and I, we fixed a problem that had been met with roadblock after roadblock for several years.

Now there were plenty of things this lawyer didn’t know about our specific culture and internal politics, because she hadn’t worked with us or in our industry before. So I just didn’t let her touch any of those dials on our dashboard. She stuck to what she knew and I stuck to what I knew. And we brought in outside help for the things neither of us knew how to do. We killed it.

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