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If you build it, they will comply: One system’s physician compliance program implementation journey

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I love sports, particularly baseball, so when I submitted my presentation to the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) for consideration as a session at the 2022 Clinical Practice Compliance Conference,[1] I knew that it had to be based on a baseball metaphor, hence the title as a reference to Field of Dreams. The analogy works perfectly when considering what it takes to build a compliance program of any kind; it resonated with me when I reflected upon my journey to build and implement a physician compliance program at Orlando Health, a comprehensive health system headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

I have divided this article into five sections: The field, the players, the playbook, the bench, and the on-deck circle. The field briefly discusses the Orlando Health landscape; the players describe the key operational leaders and departments who contribute to the success of the physician compliance program; the playbook summarizes key components of the program; the bench offers some thoughts on the initiatives that were ultimately (and appropriately) shelved, and the on-deck circle outlines our plans for 2023.

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