Government-Industry Pilot Offers AI Resources, Access Call

Researchers using or hoping to use artificial intelligence (AI) got a boost recently with the launch by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and 10 other federal agencies, along with more than two dozen private partners, of the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR).

As part of what the agencies described as a two-year pilot, federal AI resources were also posted online, a request for information (RFI) was issued, and NSF and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced an “initial call” from researchers seeking to access “advanced computing resources” for projects focused on what they termed “advancing safe, secure and trustworthy AI.”

NAIRR was created to help realize “the vision for a shared research infrastructure that will strengthen and democratize access to critical resources necessary to power responsible AI discovery and innovation,” NSF announced Jan. 24.[1]

“Partnering with 10 other federal agencies as well as 25 private sector, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, the NAIRR pilot will provide access to advanced computing, datasets, models, software, training and user support to U.S.-based researchers and educators,” NSF said. “By connecting researchers and educators with the resources needed to support their work, the NAIRR pilot will power innovative AI research and, as it continues to grow, inform the design of the full NAIRR ecosystem. This pilot is a proof of concept to ignite the level of investment needed to realize the full NAIRR vision.”

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