26th Annual Compliance Institute

  1. Compliance 101 - CI 26

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Define the steps in developing an effective compliance program

    • Outline the regulations that are critical for review and application in developing a CP

    • Discuss how to implement the CP after the development stage

  2. A Recipe for Compliance: How to Effectively Cook Education into Your Privacy Program

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Measure and mix the ingredients necessary to build a high-value and effective educational program

    • Build a buffet of education material (from big to bite-sized) for optimal digestion by the workforce

    • Impress critics (regulators and stakeholders) by compiling a menu demonstrating educational compliance

  3. Unpacking the CY2022 Split Shared CMS Final Rule

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Understand Components of Split Shared Billing

    • Define CMS's definition of facility setting

    • The difference between Split Shared and Incident To billing

  4. Compliance Professionals and the False Claims Act

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • False Claims Act Developments and Compliance Risk

    • Return of Overpayments and Deliberate Ignorance and Reckless Disregard

    • Retaliation and Proposed Legislative Amendments

  5. Enforcement and Compliance Update for Physicians and Hospitals

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Discuss important enforcement actions and cases that will inform and guide your compliance program

    • Learn key elements of investigations, preparation, and defense from a current hospital compliance official and former federal prosecutor

    • Advance your knowledge of emerging physician and hospital compliance risks based on trends and analysis of state and federal investigations and enforcement

  6. International Plan of Mystery: What Is International Compliance and Why Do U.S. Companies Need an International Compliance Plan?

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Learn the various components of an international compliance program and whether you are at risk. Obtain valuable tools and lessons learned to aid in building your international compliance program and hear from seasoned compliance professionals who have developed an international compliance program and the impact on the organization

    • Understand why there is such a strong focus on foreign influence with US-based research/academia

    • Learn about export controls, international data privacy laws, and other international laws that might affect your business even if you are 100 percent US based

  7. Employee Health Information: When Is It PHI Protected Under HIPAA?

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Understand how HIPAA regulates use and disclosure of health information pertaining to healthcare providers' employees

    • Distinguish between protected and unprotected employee health information under HIPAA

    • Assess HIPAA privacy implications regarding healthcare provider employees' COVID vaccination and testing information

  8. Coding Basics for the Non-Coding Compliance Professional

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Discover definitive resources needed for coding and billing as a compliance professional

    • Managing the appropriate coding, billing, and compliance staff

    • Demonstrate the importance of correct coding and appropriate documentation

  9. Doing Better with Data: Data Driven Quality Improvement for Compliance

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Discuss why we move beyond auditing/monitoring toward quality improvement

    • Identify best practices for institutionalizing quality improvement

  10. Win, Place, and Show: Making a Trifecta Bet on Revenue Integrity, Risk Management, and Quality in Chronic Care Management Services

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Define CMS requirements for delivery and reimbursement of chronic care management services, including conditions of payment and program integrity enforcement trends

    • Discuss key CCM compliance, revenue integrity, quality, and risk management considerations, as well as the financial and quality implications of incorporating CCM as a means of practice improvement; presenters will use real world case studies to illustrate

    • Develop CCM operations strategies that satisfy risk management, achieve revenue integrity objectives, and further your organization's journey toward healthcare's quadruple aim

  11. Hospital Charity Care: Disclosure, Reporting, Compliance, and Enforcement Issues for Free and Discounted Care to Uninsured and Underinsured Patients

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Understand the state and federal reporting and disclosure duties of hospitals for charity care

    • Learn charity care enforcement initiatives by state Attorneys General, tax, and health agencies

    • Develop hospital compliance programs to address charity care responsibilities and risks

  12. Cyber-Ransomware Incident: Lessons Learned from a Real-Life Incident

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Experience what a real-life ransomware incident feels like and walk through the incident

    • Best practices including business continuity and complying with an investigation

    • Lessons learned and tips from a real-life ransomware incident

  13. Successful Launch: Mastering First-Year Program Assessment and Mitigation

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Confidently conduct and document a comprehensive compliance program effectiveness risk assessment

    • Identify and implement needed program enhancements for managing incidents, policies, and contracts

    • Develop internal resources to build and sustain an engaged compliance culture

  14. Administrative Enforcement (CMS and OIG)

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • CMS: Billing privilege revocations-risks and strategies

    • OIG: Civil monetary penalties and exclusions-risks and strategies

    • Appeals of administrative actions

  15. Compliance Mistakes in Physician Practices

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Explore common mistakes in compliance efforts in physician practices

    • Identify low-cost (or free) compliance resources for physician practices

    • Establish a starting point for compliance efforts in physician practices

  16. Research Compliance 101: Fundamentals and Complexities

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Describe research compliance underlying rules and regulations

    • Review major topic area complexities: Human subject protection, animal research, foreign influence, federal awards, export controls, research misconduct, conflict of interest, and clinical trial billing

    • Discuss where and how to address research compliance areas

  17. A Provider, an HIE, and a Health IT Developer Walk into a Bar... to Discuss the Information Blocking Rule

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Explore the new information blocking rule and its outsized impact on the healthcare industry

    • Tackle common challenges in patient privacy, security, and interoperability among covered entities

    • Learn techniques to comply with health information requirements and collaborate with data partners

  18. The Boiling Frog: How to Prevent Compliance Officer Burnout

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Recognize early signs of career burnout while there's still time to make effective changes

    • Employ practical, everyday strategies to maintain equilibrium and enjoy what you do

    • Learn how to build a professional network that gives you superpowers

  19. Successful Risk-Based Audit Plan: Data Mining Methodologies and Communication

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Engaging clinicians and the administrative matrix in the discussion of vulnerabilities and risk appetite

    • Setting a standard audit approach with data mining, trending, and building educational channels and a report card

    • Setting the tone of accountability by engaging all levels during the post-audit debrief/alignment with QIP/MIP

  20. Seeing Risk in a Different Light

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 28, 2022 

    • Apply strategies to implement standardized risk management processes across a diverse population

    • Optimize agility and flexibility to enhance risk management strategies and risk culture

    • Develop systems to support collaborative risk identification and risk management

  21. General Session: OIG Updates and CMS Updates

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 29, 2022 

    • OIG and CMS Updates

  22. Board Oversight of Compliance Programs: Helping Your Board Succeed

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 29, 2022 

    • Understand board fiduciary duties

    • Review recent litigation and case law developments

    • Discuss 10 practical strategies to help your board succeed

  23. 102 Healthcare Privacy and Security during the 2021-22 PHE and beyond from the USHHS Office for Civil Rights

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 29, 2022 

    • Understand the practical applications of HHS/OCR COVID-19 related HIPAA/HITECH Notices and Guidance

    • Track recent privacy and security incidents and HHS/OCR Resolution Agreements

    • Learn preventive measures covered entities and business associates can take to safeguard PHI

  24. How to Apply the New AKS and Stark Law Rules to Your Compliance Program

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 29, 2022 

    • Gain insight into the most significant AKS and Stark rulemaking in many years

    • Learn how to apply these new rules to your compliance arrangement's approval and auditing process

    • Consider how your organization can use the new value-based safe harbors and exceptions

  25. Planning and Preparing for the Investigation

    26th Annual Compliance Institute  | March 29, 2022 

    • Developing an overall investigation plan, from the initial report to case completion

    • Understanding the importance of building rapport and recognizing unconscious bias in conducting investigations

    • Drafting an investigation report and preparing the response to wrongdoing