2022 SCCE Webinar

  1. The Six Myths of Business Ethics

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | November 09, 2022 

    • Distinguish between actual truths and myths about business ethics, including the code of conduct supporting ethical behavior; the compliance program helping the organization become more ethical; whistleblowing tools reducing the risks of unethical behavior, etc.

    • Explore tools for enabling better auditing these myths and mitigating related risks.

    • Discuss ideas to help their organization become more ethical.

  2. 2022 Past Is Prologue: Preparing for the Next Geopolitical Disruption from a Trade-Compliance Perspective

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | November 03, 2022 

    • Trade-compliance lessons learned from the conflicts in Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Myanmar and more.

    • Preparing for the next geopolitical event that triggers disruptions in trade and supply chains.

    • Understanding the importance of working with stakeholders across the business to stay prepared.

  3. 2022 Why tone at the top is not Enough

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | October 26, 2022 

    • Identify the role of Tone at the Top in an effective compliance program.

    • Identify how you measure your programs Tone at the Top.

    • Learn how the over reliance on messaging to set the Tone at the Top has dramatically failed at major companies around the world.

    • Identify the direction that legal scholars and the DOJ recommend for improving accountability at the top.

    • Learn about some ways to guide (or maybe push) your Tone at the Top further to achieve greater understanding and accountability

  4. 2022 Want to be an ethics advocate in the Workplace?

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | October 25, 2022 

    • Differentiate two ways to be an ethics advocate in the workplace: first advisor and first responder.

    • Understanding moral muteness and its two causes in the workplace.

    • Learn four tools for being an effective ethics advocate

  5. Finding your Risk Assessment Rhythm

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | October 13, 2022 

    • Recognize key risk assessment terminology. Choose a risk assessment model that fits your organizational and business needs, including enterprise, compliance, internal audit, and/or fraud risk assessments.

    • Collaborate between departments such as Compliance, Risk and Internal Audit to streamline activities. Plan risk assessment activities that have a steady rhythm in order to better engage your stakeholders.

    • Formulate risk rankings and develop reporting that will result in reliable, understandable, and actionable results

  6. Managing the Employment Law Landscape with Changing Marijuana Policies

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | October 12, 2022 

    • Updates to Current Cannabis Policies Navigating the changing landscape of medical and recreational use.

    • The implication of expanded state and local cannabis policies guidelines in the workplace.

    • Adapting workplace policies and regulations.

  7. Next-Gen Auditing and Analytics 2022

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | October 11, 2022 

    • Describe the importance of auditing and monitoring within an audit program, the Next Generation Audit approach and supporting governance, methodology, and enabling technology frameworks.

    • Outline how to utilize high impact reporting to demonstrate dynamic risk assessment and continuous monitoring results and other high-value analytic insights.

    • Discuss Fraud, Waste and Abuse trending schemes including proactive and preemptive approaches to prevent Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

    • Demonstrate actionable analytic examples that can be derived and clearly articulated using enabling technologies such as data visualization business intelligence software.

  8. Journey and Learnings to Modernizing IT General Controls

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | October 04, 2022 

    • Explain how moving to agile, full-stack models and modern technology impacts SOX ITGC design

    • Create effective engagement models for multiple stakeholder groups

    • Support SOX ITGC program prioritization during rapid tech transformation

  9. A Fundamental Shift: The New Model for Cross-Border Investigations in China

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | September 29, 2022 

    • Grasp China's recent laws on Data Security, Sanctions, and Personal Information Protection

    • Understand practical impacts of China's new laws in context of cross-border investigations

    • Learn to investigate misconduct in China without falling short of U.S. regulators' expectations

  10. AI: Driving the Demand for In-House Chief Intellectual Property Officers 2022

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | September 28, 2022 

    • Participants will get an understanding for why a Chief Intellectual Property Counsel ("CIPC") is important to an intangible asset business.

    • Participants will be informed about how a CIPC fits into the business and adds value.

    • Participants will leave the session equipped with the tools to analyze how their own business model could benefit from hiring a CIPC

  11. The Ambitious CFPB and Consumer Law: What Compliance Pros need to know

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | September 27, 2022 

    • Review the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's origin, mandate, and expanding jurisdiction.

    • Learn about CFPB exam procedures and administrative procedure rule changes.

    • Understand the evolution of unfair, deceptive, and abusive acts and practices (UDAAPs).Learn how the CFPB reviews Compliance Management Systems.

    • How your compliance stance can proactively account for CFPB and State consumer law risks

  12. The ESG compliance Check-Up: Why and How Compliance Officers Should Address ESG

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | September 15, 2022 

    • Summary of critical drivers of ESG compliance, with the focus on laws and regulations.

    • The roles of directors, senior leaders, the legal team and compliance in promoting ESG Compliance.

    • A framework for assessing ESG compliance readiness.

    • Tools to help companies remain in control of their specific and "mission critical" ESG regulatory compliance responsibilities

  13. How to Prevent your Employees from Hoarding Documents

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | September 08, 2022 

    • Why do employees hoard documents and why does this create risks?

    • Real-world strategies to prevent document hoarding.

    • Implementing behavior change management.

    • Case studies identifying strategies

  14. Speak up and Listen for a Healthy Workplace Culture

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | September 07, 2022 

    • Why organizational culture impacts the bottom line.

    • A healthy workplace culture has a direct relationship to employee engagement.

    • Encouraging employees to speak up sets the foundation for a healthy workplace culture, and why managers "listening up" is essential to this effort.

    • Why the need for physical and psychological health and safety and feelings of respect and fairness are necessary to engage employees and inspire their greater efforts.

    • How a healthy workplace culture supports ethics and compliance and other risk management efforts

  15. Are Companies Prepared for State-Level Data Privacy Bills?

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | September 01, 2022 

    • Definitions for personally identifiable information can vary from state to state and country to country. This webinar will help in identifying the most widely defined PII attributes.

    • Most privacy laws include a series of specific data-subject access rights. This webinar will discuss the most common privacy rights and the requirements companies have when responding to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs).

    • Most privacy laws are global in nature. We will explore what the global reach of these laws mean for companies in other jurisdictions.

    • The federal government has not yet passed a country-wide privacy law. We will talk about how a federal privacy law could affect the various state privacy laws and what that would mean for organizations.

  16. Rebranding Ethics & Compliance Using People-First Communications: A look into the Five Risks that Brought us Together and Brought us Success

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | August 31, 2022 

    • Build from the Inside Out: Rethink the Org Chart and Embrace Imperfection.

    • Learn How to Create Entertaining Virtual Outreach Experiences that Land with Audiences Across the Globe.

    • Keep it Sustainable and Relevant with Templates, Tools, Tracking and Team Norms.

  17. Breaking the Silo: Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Work Better Together

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | August 11, 2022 

    • Understand the similarities between risk management and compliance.

    • Recognize and identify the silos to change the mindset.

    • How to use collaboration as a tool to reduce duplicative efforts.

    • Learn key strategies in collaboration to help narrow program gaps.

  18. Cybersecurity Compliance for Beginners

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | August 09, 2022 

    • Participants will have a better understanding of how the cyber and digital threat landscape has evolved over the past five years.

    • Participants will have a better understanding of what cybersecurity compliance means and the importance of implementing a cybersecurity compliance program.

    • Participants will leave the session with practical steps for building out their cybersecurity program.

  19. A Changing HR Landscape: Why Companies need to Rethink Their Approach to Sexual Harassment

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | July 12, 2022 

    • Learn about a compliance framework for thinking about sexual harassment and discrimination risks in the wake of recent cases and scandals.

    • Be able to identify the main components of a compliance program that addresses harassment and discrimination risks.

    • Identify some key pitfalls in harassment and discrimination investigations and how to avoid them.

  20. The Intersection of Psychological Safety and Speak Up Culture

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | June 29, 2022 

    • Psychological safety appears to be trending in popularity in the corporate world in recent years, particularly in light of the so-called "Great Resignation" in the United States. This trend also aligns with the increased focus on "Social" issues in Environmental, Social and Governance investing. For Ethics and Compliance practitioners, this presents an opportunity.

    • In this session, we'll discuss how to leverage the buzz around psychological safety and human capital issues in ESG as a frame to share compelling stories and data that show why building a robust speak up culture should be a priority. While increasing psychological safety is helpful in uncovering potential misconduct and supporting a culture of compliance, it is also good for business, supports a culture of belonging and can increase employee retention.

    • The session will also discuss key strategies to drive the development of psychological safety and speak up culture in your organization

  21. A Service-Centered Approach to Compliance Work

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | June 23, 2022 

    • What is a 'service-centered" approach to providing compliance services and oversight?

    • How does this type of approach help institutions respond to challenges in meeting compliance responsibilities?

    • What are some practical steps that compliance officers can do to create a "service-centered" approach?

  22. Interview Strategies for Compliance Investigations - 2022

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | June 21, 2022 

    Learn key strategies and practical tips for conducting effective compliance investigation interviews, including considerations related to: Interview format (in-person vs. remote).

    • Participants.

    • Attorney-client privilege issues.

    • Privacy and confidentiality.

    • Discussion techniques.

    • Documentation practices

  23. Taking Your Code Digital - A Practical and (Relatively) Pain-free Approach

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | June 08, 2022 

    • Your employees live in the digital world, but many Codes of Conduct are still PDF documents.

    • Going digital can supercharge the user-friendliness and reach of your Code - and offer game changing analytics.

    • See how Marathon Oil created a digital Code of Conduct and app - without getting bogged down in the technology.

  24. Data, Metrics, Reporting: Powerful Tools for Driving, Improving, Monitoring and Maintaining Program Effectiveness

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | May 26, 2022 

    • Understanding where Compliance Professionals can find data within their programs.

    • Don't sweat the small stuff!

    • Data can be scary, but it doesn't have to be! Let's discuss how we can leverage data to help improve a Compliance Program's overall effectiveness.

    • We have the data but what do we do with it? Let's start simple with data and work our way to more complete reporting and metrics.

  25. Member Exclusive Compliance Auditing and Monitoring

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | May 20, 2022 

    • What should compliance programs look like (with an emphasis on Auditing and Monitoring)

    • Utilizing the 7 Elements, Three Lines Risk Model, and Operational Departments to improve Compliance Monitoring and Auditing

    • Leveraging auditing, monitoring, and continuous auditing to expand risk identification and mitigation