2022 SCCE Webinar

  1. Leveraging Opportunities from Pandemic to Endemic; Capitalizing on this time to inspire compliance

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | April 12, 2022 

    • Discuss the changes in business and the likely long-term implications for compliance post COVID-19 in the new endemic world.

    • Outline strategies to leverage the pandemic experience and ensure positive changes in ethics or compliance made during the pandemic stay embedded in culture long term.

    • Discuss cautionary tales as businesses transition into endemic realities and the longer-term risk impacts created by the pandemic such as inflation, supply chain disruption, higher personal and organizational debit, reorientation of priorities, and pandemic fatigue.

  2. The Role of Leadership In An Effective Ethics And Compliance Program - Why, How And What to do

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | April 11, 2022 

    • Leaders, managers, and supervisors play a key role in building and sustaining a culture of ethics and compliance and ensuring an effective ethics and compliance program.

    • Learn why leaders are so key and practical strategies for how and what you can do to engage leaders within your organization's ethics and compliance program.

    • Learn how to engage leaders, leverage their voice and use incentives to recognize leaders that set the gold standard.

  3. Creating a Modern and Compliant Record Retention Schedule

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | April 07, 2022 

    • Understand changing information environment requires a new approach to records compliance.

    • Differences between traditional and modern records retention schedule.

    • Methods of automating records management processes.

    • Creating records programs that not only reduce risk and ensure compliance, but also drive employee productivity.

  4. How to Make Your Governance Initiative Stick in Times of Disruptive Change

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | March 22, 2022 

    Disruptive change can waylay even the most important strategic initiatives. From pandemics to social unrest to supply chain challenges, the past two years have brought enough disruption to topple many an initiative. This presentation will discuss best practices for futureproofing your initiative to be resilient, even during times of disruptive change. While no one can foretell what disruptions the future might bring, there are steps that can be taken today to make your initiatives resilient.

    • Real-world strategies for designing resilience into your initiatives

    • How to plan for the unplannable

    • Avoiding key mistakes that can hobble your initiative in the future

    • Case studies and other examples

  5. Bringing your Compliance Training Program to Life: Messaging, Engagement, and Creating a Sense of Shared Responsibility

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | March 14, 2022 

    • How to continuously improve your training program, leverage innovative solutions, and develop a communications strategy that fosters engagement.

    • Developing training content: tapping into internal resources and how to best work with external vendors.

    • Creating a sense of shared responsibility through training, messaging and ongoing engagement.

  6. Strategies for dealing with data protection or privacy infringement litigation from a European perspective

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | March 03, 2022 

    • Understanding what the key recent developments and trends have been, including class-action claims and smaller claims;

    • Understanding particular issues, including: no compensation without proof of harm; financial thresholds; the "kitchen-sink" approach; damages for distress; claiming against a Data Protection Representative or Data Protection Officer; extra-territorial jurisdiction; and, cookies claims;

    • Top tips for how to push back on claims - the first response is critical.

  7. The Nascent EU Whistleblowing Regime Demystified

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | February 24, 2022 

    • Be able to sketch-out the nascent EU whistleblowing regime;

    • Gain knowledge on the minimum compliance standard set by the EU Whistle-blower Directive;

    • Learn some best practices for case governance and internal organization.

    • Become familiar with certain pitfalls of the new regime and its extraterritorial application.

    • Be able to contrast the EU regime with the US one.

  8. Simplifying Governance: The 5 Best Ways to Simplify Your Compliance Programs

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | February 23, 2022 

    • The key elements of a compliance program.

    • How to best create and manage policies.

    • Getting employee buy-in and commitment.

    • Best practices to keeping and maintaining compliance.

    • How to do more with less (automation, proper tracking, collaboration, etc).

  9. Member Exclusive: Current and future global trends in data protection and data security

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | February 10, 2022 

    • Review the current data protection laws around the world and their similarities

    • Understand the trends in data breaches, data management, regulatory investigations, and fines

    • Assess what the future of data privacy and data security looks like.

  10. You know what AI is, Learn about the ethics of AI and how the right policies can help you win

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | February 08, 2022 

    • Applying the reasonable AI solution to the right business problem with the proper stakeholder benefits in view.

    • Understanding ethical pitfalls of strictly applied AI and Machine Learning algorithms.

    • Establishing achievable and realistic principles-based policies to facilitate compliance with privacy laws.

  11. Promises and Peril: Investigations Gone Virtual

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | January 13, 2022 

    • Planning and Preparing for the Investigation. - Setting Expectations - Technology Considerations - Privacy and Confidentiality

    • Building Rapport and Assessing Credibility.

    • Overcoming Common Challenges.

  12. 2021 Department of Justice and OFAC Sanctions Enforcement and Compliance Review

    2022 SCCE Webinar  | January 11, 2022 

    • 20 OFAC enforcement actions.

    • Total approximately $21 million.

    • SAP case: DOJ crafting of remedial measures for compliance deficiencies.

    • Huawei CFO case is resolved.

    • DOJ brings 27 cases against individuals for violations of ITAR, BIS, and OFAC Sanctions.

    • OFAC enforcement actions underscore importance of screening, escalation, control deficiencies and USD transactions.