2021 HCCA Webinar

  1. Risk, Challenges, and Best Practices for Compliant Clinical Research Revenue Cycle Processes

    2021 HCCA Webinar  | Presenter(s): Sarah Couture, Kate Cohen  | May 27, 2021 

    • Understand risks associated with clinical research billing

    • Discuss challenges and best practices for each workstream in the research revenue cycle

    • Know where to go from here: Learn tips for efficient and compliant collaboration

  2. New Challenges - Investigating Racial Discrimination and Harassment Complaints in the Healthcare Industry

    2021 HCCA Webinar  | Presenter(s): Daphne Bishop  | May 26, 2021 

    • Learn how to build trust with witnesses on both sides

    • How to investigate microaggressions

    • How to access the overall organizational culture regarding race-related issues

  3. Reflection and Discussion: Research Grant Requirements for Reporting of Discrimination and Harassment

    2021 HCCA Webinar  | Presenter(s): Phillip Escoriaza  | May 13, 2021 

    •  Provide an update on the latest studies and stories about diversity, discrimination, and harassment in the U.S. STEM workforce

    • Explain the NSF, NIH, and NASA requirements incorporated into the terms of research grants

    • Discuss how requirements in research grants related to discrimination can be incorporated in different ways into your compliance training, in order to consider specific scenarios relevant to your researchers

  4. Digital Health, Liability, Compliance, and Enforcement in the COVID-19 Era

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Sean McKenna, Cheryl Burtzel, William Hopkins  | April 29, 2021 

    • Hear from former state and federal prosecutors and regulators regarding the state of affairs for healthcare providers, operational, and compliance professionals

    • Learn about how the pandemic has impacted digital health, and what trends are here to stay

    • Catch-up on recent theories and outcomes in a variety of liability settings

    • Gain insights into current state and federal enforcement initiatives

  5. International Telemedicine: What Compliance Professionals need to know

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Adilene Rosales, William Ferreira  | April 27, 2021 

    • Introduction to international telemedicine and the growth of remote medical services around the world

    • Tackling the key non-US regulatory challenges in global remote second opinions, doctor-to-patient services, physician-to-physician services, and more

    • Country-specific case studies with discussion of business models, foreign licensure requirements, data privacy, and legal considerations

  6. Applying the COSO ERM Framework to Compliance

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Gerry Zack  | April 14, 2021 

    • Understand the relationships between Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Internal Controls, and Compliance & Ethics Programs

    • Learn practical applications of ERM to Compliance Risk Management

    • Map key characteristics of compliance & ethics programs to the ERM framework

  7. Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Cecelia Velastegui  | April 12, 2021 

    • Privacy updates during the public health emergency

    • Notification of enforcement discretion on telehealth remote communications

    • Guidance of disclosures to law enforcement, other first responders, and public health authorities

    • Notification of enforcement discretion on BA uses & disclosures for public health and health oversight, community-based testing sites

    • OCR breach highlights and recent enforcement activity

    • Right of access initiative

    • Recurring HIPAA compliance issues

    • Corrective action and best practices

  8. New Stark Regulations and Impact on Fair Market Value or Commercial Reasonableness

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Bob Wade, Alex Krouse  | April 06, 2021 

    • What is fair market value

    • What is the commercial reasonableness standard based upon the Final Rules

    • Application of benchmark data to physician referral sources

    • "Best Practices" for documenting and reviewing compensation arrangements with referral sources, specifically focusing on physician referral sources

    • Subjective factors/business justifications to support compensation arrangements with referring physicians

  9. Compliance Analytics: The Post Pandemic Push

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Frank Cohen  | March 31, 2021 

    • Get a foundational understanding of compliance analytics and how the government uses this to identify high-risk providers

    • Understand the differences between pre-pandemic and post-pandemic audit targets and aggressiveness

    • Create your own internal compliance analysis using publicly available data and implement your own compliance risk model as part of your overall compliance strategy

  10. CMS Has Spoken: FMV and Commercial Reasonableness Under the New Stark Regulations

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Tim Smith  | March 29, 2021 

    • Understand the new definitions of fair market value (“FMV”), general market value (“GMV”), and commercial reasonableness (“CR”)

    • Examine the updated criteria for determining FMV, GMV, and CR

    • Apply the new framework for using and not using survey data or FMV and GMV

    • Evaluate the impact of practice losses for FMV and CR purposes

  11. Data Analytics, COVID-19, and Telemedicine Coding Compliance

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ken Zeko, Delena Howard, Angela Deneweth  | March 25, 2021 

    • Governmental/payor data analytics

    • Impact of Yates Memo and data analytics

    • COVID-19 evaluation, management coding, and documentation

    • COVID-19 testing coding and documentation

    • COVID-19 diagnosis coding

    • COVID-19 telemedicine during public health emergency

    • COVID-19 vaccine information

    • COVID-19 monoclonal antibody information

  12. Million Dollar Risks: The Real Cost of Ineffective Vendor Oversight

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Jala Attia, Jessica Gay  | March 23, 2021 

    • Understand why thorough and consistent vendor oversight are essential

    • Highlight key ways to mitigate risk through an effective vendor oversight program

    • Learn best practices to leverage your FWA team and improve communication

    • Examine real-world scenarios that illustrate potential impacts across organizations

  13. Latest OFAC Sanctions Law Developments

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Bob Ward  | March 17, 2021 

    • Introduction to OFAC as well as expectations for policy changes with the new Biden administration and latest enforcement trends

    • Discussion on the implications of the U.S. rejoining the Iran nuclear deal and the use of sanctions designations to enforce the same (including the use of secondary sanctions)

    • Discussion on key steps to take to prevent violations including best practices for policies/procedures, screening (including choosing the best system for your company size), due diligence, and training

  14. Keys to establishing an effective compliance program

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Risty Smith  | March 02, 2021 

    • SNF compliance background

    • Ethics and Compliance Program purpose

    • Ethics and compliance in the news

    • Effective program requirements

    • Phase 3 ROPs (F895)

    • Practical Implementation Tips and Going Beyond F-Tags

  15. 2021 Home Health & Hospice Compliance Work Plans: Addressing New Risks and Fresh Takes

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Regina Alexander, Kelly Murphy-Miller  | February 22, 2021 

    • At the conclusion of the webinar, attendees will understand the compliance risks and revenue integrity opportunities associated with the CMS CY2021 Home Health prospective payment and other policy changes, as well as implementation of the new Medicare Hospice Election Statement andNew Election Statement Addendum

    • Attendees will learn about the agency-level implications of recent program enforcement activity, including recently completed HHS OIG Office of Audit Services Medicare Home Health work plan items, including practical tips on how administrators or compliance officers can integrate lessons from the audit reports into their own organization’s proactive work plan

    • Attendees will take away new ideas for internal auditing and monitoring of perennial Home Health & Hospice Medicare program integrity risk areas such as hospice levels of care, home health physician certification and plan of care, and OASIS

  16. Compliance Datamining from A to Z

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Peiman Saadat  | February 11, 2021 

    • How to establish a compliance datamining practice which covers FWA, Privacy, Controlled Substances and General Compliance concerns

    • Proper follow-ups with the findings

    • Collaborating with HR and Legal

  17. The Physicians in My Practice Want to Get Involved in Clinical Research: What Do I Need to Know and Do? (2021 HCCA Web Conference)

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Jennifer Sartor, Sarah Couture  | February 04, 2021 

  18. What Compliance Professionals Need to Know About the New Stark and Anti-Kickback Regulations

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ritu Cooper, James Junger  | January 29, 2021 

    • Explain changes to existing concepts including fair market value, commercial reasonableness, and volume or value

    • Examine the new definitions, exceptions, and safe harbors and their impact on compliance activities

    • Examine compliance work plans

    • Update tools used to evaluate compliance effectiveness

    • Prepare to train employees on new concepts

    • Introduce value-based enterprises and explain their potential impact on compliance professionals

  19. Did DOJ & OIG Stop? Noteworthy Health Care Enforcement Developments from 2020

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Asher Funk, Dayna LaPlante, Brian Rafferty  | January 19, 2021 

  20. The Seven Habits of an Effective Compliance and Ethics Officer (2021 Complimentary Member Exclusive)

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Dan Roach  | January 11, 2021 

    • This session is designed to provide the insight and tips you need to become a more effective compliance and ethics professional

    • It focuses on the skills and strategies that you can develop and adopt to improve your performance and increase your value

    • Although this session has been delivered dozens of times, it remains one of most popular and highest rated breakout sessions

  21. OIG and Other Important Updates: What We Learned in 2020

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Margaret Hambleton, Bill Musick  | January 08, 2021 

    • Discuss significant new and ongoing projects addressed in 2020 by the OIG, DOJ and other federal agencies that impact Hospital, Physician, Home Health and Hospice services

    • Provide practical advice on methods for compliance programs to effectively assess and address risks and guidance from the OIG and other Federal agencies

    • Describe the HHS Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) and means for tracking new developments

  22. Health System Strategies for Managing Laboratory Chargemaster Compliance

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Matthew Spethman  | January 07, 2021 

    • Participants will learn how, why and when to reach out to Lab for help discerning CPT codes including Proprietary Lab Analysis (PLA) codes

    • Participants will learn what a PLA code is, how it differs from other CPT codes and what this means for CDM management

    • Participants will better understand Lab’s role in adopting PLA codes

    • Participants will consider the functions and roles of the Coding Compliance Committee(s)

    • The group will discuss power of facilitating without owning, the Compliance Helicopter