2021 HCCA Web Conference

  1. The Physicians in My Practice Want to Get Involved in Clinical Research: What Do I Need to Know and Do? (2021 HCCA Web Conference)

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Jennifer Sartor, Sarah Couture  | February 04, 2021 

  2. What Compliance Professionals Need to Know About the New Stark and Anti-Kickback Regulations

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ritu Cooper, James Junger  | January 29, 2021 

    • Explain changes to existing concepts including fair market value, commercial reasonableness, and volume or value

    • Examine the new definitions, exceptions, and safe harbors and their impact on compliance activities

    • Examine compliance work plans

    • Update tools used to evaluate compliance effectiveness

    • Prepare to train employees on new concepts

    • Introduce value-based enterprises and explain their potential impact on compliance professionals

  3. Did DOJ & OIG Stop? Noteworthy Health Care Enforcement Developments from 2020

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Asher Funk, Dayna LaPlante, Brian Rafferty  | January 19, 2021 

  4. The Seven Habits of an Effective Compliance and Ethics Officer (2021 Complimentary Member Exclusive)

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Dan Roach  | January 11, 2021 

    • This session is designed to provide the insight and tips you need to become a more effective compliance and ethics professional

    • It focuses on the skills and strategies that you can develop and adopt to improve your performance and increase your value

    • Although this session has been delivered dozens of times, it remains one of most popular and highest rated breakout sessions

  5. OIG and Other Important Updates: What We Learned in 2020

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Margaret Hambleton, Bill Musick  | January 08, 2021 

    • Discuss significant new and ongoing projects addressed in 2020 by the OIG, DOJ and other federal agencies that impact Hospital, Physician, Home Health and Hospice services

    • Provide practical advice on methods for compliance programs to effectively assess and address risks and guidance from the OIG and other Federal agencies

    • Describe the HHS Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) and means for tracking new developments

  6. Health System Strategies for Managing Laboratory Chargemaster Compliance

    2021 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Matthew Spethman  | January 07, 2021 

    • Participants will learn how, why and when to reach out to Lab for help discerning CPT codes including Proprietary Lab Analysis (PLA) codes

    • Participants will learn what a PLA code is, how it differs from other CPT codes and what this means for CDM management

    • Participants will better understand Lab’s role in adopting PLA codes

    • Participants will consider the functions and roles of the Coding Compliance Committee(s)

    • The group will discuss power of facilitating without owning, the Compliance Helicopter