2021 Clinical Practice Conference

  1. What's New at OIG: COVID-19 and Beyond

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 12, 2021 

    • COVID-19 enforcement priorities

    • Industry guidance during the pandemic

    • What's on the horizon?

  2. Compliance Risk Assessment 101

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 12, 2021 

    • Essentials to kick off a homegrown compliance risk assessment program{br/}

    • How to gather reliable info which could lead to actionable items

    • Optimization plan vs. corrective action plan

  3. Medical Director Agreements: A Valuation and Compliance Perspective

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 12, 2021 

    • Craft medical director contracts which are in full accord with regulatory standards

    • Establish audit processes that assure proper oversight of medical director contracts

    • Recognize warning signals that indicate an inappropriate application of a medical director role

  4. Clinical Compliance and Emergency Management

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 12, 2021 

    • Identify the key elements of an emergency management program for clinical services\{br/}

    • Identify three clinical processes for maintaining services in an emergency

    • The importance of having clinical business continuity plans

  5. Best Practices in Managing Conflicts of Interest

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 12, 2021 

    • What are conflicts of interest (COI) and why is management important?

    • Understanding common challenges in COI management

    • Developing a program to manage COI and mitigate risk

  6. HIPAA Updates

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 12, 2021 

    • Review OCR updates to HIPAA rules including guidance and notifications of enforcement discretion{br/}

    • Discuss recent enforcement actions by OCR

    • Understanding recurring HIPAA compliance concerns and implementation of best practices to prevent them

  7. The Design and Development of an Opioid Compliance Program

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 12, 2021 

    • Aid the national response to the opioid crisis by facilitating responsive healthcare activity{br/}

    • Guide your healthcare entity in understanding and complying with state and federal regulations

    • Engage your healthcare entity in best practices in both opioid compliance and pain management

  8. Privacy Rule Changes: What the Proposed Changes Mean to a Physician Practice

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 12, 2021 

    • Identify the proposed changes to the privacy rule and their likely impact on a physician practice{br/}

    • Recognize the necessary steps to compliance should the proposed changes become final

    • Anticipate necessary changes and corresponding resource needs if the proposed changed become final

  9. Protecting and Securing Your Research Data (2021 Clinical Practice)

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 12, 2021 

    • New risks to privacy and data protection as data intensive medical research methods evolve{br/}

    • Understand the current data lifecycle in data intensive research and mistakes we made

    • Strategies and ideas to preserve data confidentiality, integrity, and availability

  10. Using a Risk-Based Approach to Identify HIPAA Security Mistakes Before They Happen

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 12, 2021 

    • Learn why a risk-based approach is the most cost effective way to avoid security mistakes{br/}

    • Define and then assess security risks unique to your practice and complete a basic risk assessment

    • Identify processes that are in place or that need to be implemented to mitigate each risk

  11. The DOs and DON'Ts of Communicating Digitally with Patients

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • Learn what common mistakes may lead to compliance or data security concerns{br/}

    • Gain insight on how to adhere to the Office for Civil Rights' Right of Access Initiative

    • Understand what the new requirements for sharing data through APIs mean for providers

  12. Triage: An Important Part of the Response for Compliance in a Hybrid Workforce

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • Introduction of model for effectively establishing triage process incoming calls into compliance{br/}

    • Establish common language to communicate and describe incident, and set triage criteria

    • Tenets of rubric design, implementation, evaluation of workflow, and consistency managing incidents

  13. Do the Right Thing: Assuring Compliance with Federal Risk Management Requirements for Federally Qualified Health Centers

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • Identify the key risk management requirements for FQHCs set by the Bureau of Primary Health Care{br/}

    • Examine key dashboard reporting metrics to inform the board about risk management activities

    • Establish risk identification tools: Incident reports, safety huddles, employee surveys, and RCA

  14. Navigating HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2: Permissible Disclosures in Clinical, Mental Health, and SUD Treatment Settings

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • Understand the important similarities and distinctions between HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2

    • Utilizing cases studies, understand what disclosures are permissible under 42 CFR Part 2

    • Learn about tools, such as decision trees, to navigate the 42 CFR Part 2 disclosure questions

  15. Ethical Obligation to Provide All Necessary Care in the Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) Reimbursement Environment

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • Identify the clinician's ethical obligations and special challenges that bridge the provider's professional and financial interests

    • Review how health systems that assume risk under VBP must remain sensitive to the actual and perceived conflicts of interest created by the per patient - per month payment model

    • Learn how to adjust risk assessment strategies to inform and protect patients who are at risk of being under-treated or mistreated

  16. Telehealth for Technology-Challenged Populations

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • The extraordinary value and ROI of telehealth in providing same day and next day visits

    • Telehealth in the rural healthcare setting: Delivering outcomes, satisfaction, and savings

    • Use of remote facilitators in telehealth: A new enhancement ensures everyone sees the doctor

  17. Surprise! What to Do When Research is Uncovered at a Practice

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • Understand the basics of research and how to identify tell-tale signs of "underground" research

    • Conduct rapid risk assessment to determine whether research should continue (or what to do if not)

    • Provide case studies and compliance tips to ensure proper conduct of research

  18. Tactics to Ensure Accurate and Complete Clinical Documentation of Inpatient Stays

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • Understand the impact of incorrect clinical documentation and coding on quality data

    • Understand how to use of data analytics to identify potential clinical documentation opportunities

    • Learn tactics for collaborating with providers to ensure accurate clinical documentation

  19. Information Blocking, Interoperability, and What They Mean for Compliance Officers

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • Learn about the new data compliance laws, rules, and trends from CMS, OCR, ONC, and OIG

    • Compare with the existing HIPAA privacy and compliance regime to see what changed and what stayed the same

    • Explore strategies for managing this wider risk area with your existing compliance program

  20. Softening the Impact of the Stark Law: Updates Regarding Technical Requirements, Low-Dollar Violations, and Payment Discrepancies

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • Explain new flexibility with respect to the signature, writing, requirements that are set in advance

    • Unpack and analyze new exception covering "limited remuneration to a physician"

    • Analyze and apply new guidance on how to cure inadvertent payment errors

  21. Stark Law Group Practice Definition and In-Office Ancillary Services Exception: Do We Comply?

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • Understand Stark Law Basics as they apply to Physician Group Practices

    • Comply with Group Practice Definition/In-Office Ancillary Services Exception

    • Comply with Stark Law in Physician Organization/Group Practice

  22. Mitigation of Risk Through Understanding and Implementation of Security

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • The human factor is the greatest threat to healthcare organizations today; how do you stop it?

    • Threat intelligence empowers decision makers and stakeholders to invest wisely to mitigate risk

    • A Security Operations Center (SOC) lets you see across the entire attack surface - is it worth it?

  23. CMS Updates and Compliance Implications

    2021 Clinical Practice Conference  | October 13, 2021 

    • COVID-19 waivers

    • Healthcare workforce shortages

    • Policy updates