2020 HCCA Webinar

  1. The New BAA? New "Part 2" Contract Requirements

    2020 HCCA Webinar  | Presenter(s): William Roberts  | March 04, 2020 

    • Effective February 2, 2020, the Part 2 Rules impose new mandatory contracting requirements

    • Many providers, insurers and contractors will need to modify their contracts to comply

    • We will address who needs to comply and strategies for doing so

    • Discussion to include content requirements, best practices, and compliance checklists

  2. Take Your Regulatory Compliance Program to the Next Level with a Proactive Approach

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Justin Chamblee, Amit Vaishampayan  | December 14, 2020 

    • At the conclusion of this webinar, attendees will learn about key risks associated with the current state “reactive” regulatory compliance programs, as well as the key benefits associated with “proactive” compliance programs

    • Attendees will learn about certain best practices inherent in industry-leading compliance programs, and specifically how these programs impact key organizational stakeholders

    • Lastly, attendees will learn about how they can begin the transition from reactive to proactive regulatory compliance

  3. Information Blocking: Compliance Challenges, Answers, and Strategies for Risk Mitigation

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Bethany Corbin, Rachel Alexander  | December 10, 2020 

    • Analyze legal and compliance challenges associated with information blocking, including common compliance roadblocks

    • Develop risk-mitigating compliance solutions for complex information blocking scenarios and identify emerging best practices for promoting interoperability

    • Enhance compliance culture, policies/procedures, and contractual agreements to combat information blocking

  4. HIPAA Security: Common Mistakes Made by Physician Practices (2020 HCCA Web Conference)

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Marti Arvin  | December 08, 2020 

    • OCR enforcement update for physician practices

    • Failures common across all the rules

    • Failures specific to the Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules

  5. 2021 Revisions to Office or Other Outpatient Evaluation and Management Services

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Debbie Barnes  | December 02, 2020 

    • Background and CMS 2021 Objectives

    • Overview of 2021 E/M Revisions

    • Coding Examples: MDM

    • Coding Examples: Time-Based

    • Appendix: AMA Descriptions

  6. Navigating the Security Risks of Remote Workers

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Loretta Maddox  | November 18, 2020 

    • Learn about the technology and security aspects of allowing employees to work remotely

    • Identify critical areas of risk and how to mitigate that risk for remote workers

    • Apply the Security Rule requirements to remote workers the same as the in-office workforce

  7. Fraud, Waste and Abuse: Using an Integrated AI Model for Detection and Prevention

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Karen Weintraub  | October 21, 2020 

    • Learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) through several Case Studies

    • The webinar will walk through the steps of identification and how all of the integrative components of Healthcare Fraud Shield intertwine to provide maximize effectiveness, ROI and results

    • Learn how AI in combination with SMEs and a Rules-Based system provide the most comprehensive approach

  8. Crafting Physician Compensation and Contracting Policies in an Evolving Landscape

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Allison Pullins  | October 20, 2020 

    • Plan your policy; compliance considerations

    • Craft effective guidelines

    • Engage key stakeholders and execute the plan

    • Translate best practice into policy

  9. Understanding the Malpractice Claims Landscape Post-COVID-19

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Jason Newton  | October 19, 2020 

    • Learn where immunity has been bestowed and how it will affect claims

    • Understand risks of continuing telehealth for medically-complicated patients

    • Examine what claims we can expect to see as a result of care given during the pandemic

    • Consider how the current political and social climate may affect attitudes towards physicians, post-pandemic

    • Discuss the inner workings of a virtual trial

  10. Identifying and Remediating Information Blocking Practices

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Adam Greene, Lyra Correa  | October 15, 2020 

    • Understand 21st Century Cures information blocking regulations and how they fit with other health information laws

    • Learn about the elements of information blocking and eight exceptions

    • Create methodologies to identify, analyze, and correct potential information blocking practices

  11. Physician Compensation in the Time of COVID: Compliance and Alignment Challenges

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Gary Herschman, Victoria Sheridan, Daniel Stech  | October 14, 2020 

    • Discuss implications for fair market value compliance

    • Explore application of Stark Waivers

    • Discover methods and tactics for addressing constraints on physician compensation

    • Identify key documentation and transaction strategies

    • Evaluate and assess influence of pandemic on current and future physician alignment relationships and transactions

  12. Understanding and Navigating CMS's COVID Enforcement Efforts in Long-Term Care Facilities

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Alissa Fleming  | September 29, 2020 

    • Initiative based on Focused Control survey inspections conducted by CMS

    • Reporting requirements

    • Additional COVID-19 state survey requirements

    • Enhanced enforcement for infection control deficiencies

    • How to comply and prepare for survey inspections and address deficiencies

  13. Decoding the Alphabet Soup of BAAs and CEs and ERM: A Lesson on Privacy Practices and Work Flows

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Peggy Beat  | September 24, 2020 

    • Define a covered entity

    • Define a business associate

    • Describe a 3rd party vendor

    • Explain the process for risk management and 3rd party vendors relating to privacy and security

  14. How to Maintain an Enterprise-Wide Security and Compliance Strategy in a Decentralized Model

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ken Reiher, Dana Penny  | September 22, 2020 

    • Understand key traits and the complexity of an enterprise-wide security and compliance strategy, and how to create an overarching vision, even within a decentralized IT governance model.

    • Hear real-world best practices to manage security and compliance across disparate departments and geographic locations, by encouraging non-IT teams to become invested in, and advocate for, enterprise-wide security practices

    • Learn strategies to keep your executive team and board of directors informed and educated about cybersecurity and compliance issues, to avoid budget surprises and to allocate appropriate spending and resource decision-making

    • Discuss future-proofing your enterprise-wide strategy by starting to think and plan for thoughtful, controlled growth, telehealth and digital care, medical device cybersecurity and artificial intelligence

  15. The COVID-19 Pandemic has been with us for Many Months - So, What's Next?

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Sarah Swank, Charles Whipple  | September 10, 2020 

    • What’s next? Preparing and responding to COVID-19

    • CARES Act update, funding and compliance

    • Update and tips for navigating executive order, regulatory and legislative changes

    • Telehealth expansion and compliance

    • Precautionary measures for hospital employees

    • Preparing for a vaccine

    • HIPAA and managing communications

  16. NIST Cybersecurity Framework: A Gold Standard for HIPAA Compliance; A U.S. Cyber Defense Standard

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Ali Pabrai  | August 26, 2020 

    • Review how the NIST standard appropriately addresses HIPAA mandates

    • Walk through how the NIST cybersecurity framework aligns with NIST SP 800-53, NIST SP 800-34, NIST SP 800-61 and many others

    • Examine the organization and the specific requirements of the NIST cybersecurity framework

    • Step through the seven key steps to align your enterprise compliance program with the NIST cybersecurity framework

  17. CMS' Comparative Billing Reports: Compliance Tools for Physicians and Other Outpatient Providers

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Kim Hrehor, Annie Barnaby  | August 25, 2020 

    • Learn about CMS’ CBR program, which supports efforts to educate providers and protect the Medicare Trust Fund

    • CBRs summarize Medicare Part B claims data for a provider, comparing their statistics to national data

    • CMS produces CBRs for a variety of topics that are vulnerable for improper Medicare payments

  18. The HCP (Health Care Professional) Compliance Toolkit: Security and Managing Data in a Digital World

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Kristina Podnar, Hema Lakkaraju  | August 20, 2020 

    • Understanding the present health industry digital data landscape

    • How are HCPs impacted?

    • What and why HCPs need to understand the digital data landscape

    • Governance and compliance tools and processes to manage data holistically and in different contexts

    • Practical immediate steps and longer-term practices

  19. Have the Rules Changed for Compliance for Healthcare Provider Transactions Over the Past Three Decades

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Max Reiboldt, Thomas D. Anthony  | August 18, 2020 

    • Review the past 30+ years and contrast with the current healthcare transaction landscape as well as identify the forces behind the changes in transactions considering what lies beyond today

    • Review simplicity of transactions of the 80’s and discuss political landscape and transactions of the 90’s; consider the legal/regulatory environment during these years

    • Examine the new era of transactions of the early 2000’s and evaluate features of “full” alignment of the 2010’s and beyond; consider how legal ramifications changed during these years and discuss the relative legal/regulatory and economic/governance challenges of transactions today versus 20-30 years ago

  20. COVID-19 Workplace Safety Training Required in Numerous States

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Michael Johnson  | August 13, 2020 

    • Which states require Covid-19 safety training?

    • Which states strongly recommend employers provide such training?

    • What topics must be addressed in the training in each of the required training states?

    • How does the training content differ in some states depending on your industry?

  21. How to Prescribe Opioids to Treat Pain and Avoid Legal Sanction

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Alicia Davis  | August 10, 2020 

    • Learn what triggers a prescriber audit, define “best practice” and discuss state opioid prescribing requirements

    • Discuss how to effectively respond to a government inquiry/investigation: Embracing the vulnerability assessment and corrective action plan

    • Where did they go wrong? Learn practical strategies to mitigate risk and demonstrate compliance through review of case studies involving government inquiry into provider opioid prescribing behaviors

  22. Telehealth - Perils and Pitfalls

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): James Dunnick  | August 03, 2020 

    • Discuss the origination of telehealth to understand our current and future needs

    • Recognizing the rules of payers and the laws of states

    • Discuss compliance rules with telehealth to protect your economics

    • Define the skill sets needed for the members of the telehealth team

  23. HIPAA Hot Topics and Current Trends

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Kelly McLendon  | July 30, 2020 

    • Recap of the recent OCR guidance and their important topics and areas of focus

    • ONC 21st Century Cures Act Interoperability and Data Blocking rules

    • Other regulator's rules and guidance, SAMSHA, FTC, and Cures Act

    • Hot security topics such as ransomware, social media and engineering, hacking, mobile devices

    • Privacy and Security Risk Analysis and other assessments of privacy and security compliance

  24. Billing Compliance in Clinical Trial Operations - Mitigating Risk and Fundamentals

    2020 HCCA Web Conference  | Presenter(s): Sachit Verma  | July 29, 2020 

    • Understand Prospective Reimbursement Analysis for clinical research to ensure segregation of routine versus research-related protocol-required items and services

    • Manage strategies for budget development to enhance research revenue

    • Review billing grids to aid in front and back end billing process

    • Make key decisions in clinical research billing practices and compliance